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An Ill-Timed and Unnecessary Genocide Resolution againt Turkey

This week, Democratic leaders in the House will seek to pass a non-binding resolution officially classifying the mass-murders of Armenians by the Turks in World War I as genocide.  This is a terribly ill-timed and strange move on the part of the Democrats.   If it passes there could, and likely will be, significant detrimental effects on U.S. – Turkish relations.  Detrimental effects that we cannot afford.  

Certainly, what the Turks did to the Armenians in 1915 is a genocide.  There is no argument here and there should be no argument anywhere.   Additionally, genocide needs to be condemned wherever it is found. 

But why now?  Our relations with Turkey are already strained by the coalition forces’ inability to curb the increasing number of Kurdish militias staging incursions into Turkish territory.  Also, we need Turkey.  They are one of our few Muslim country allies and the most moderate of Muslim states.  Passing this resolution will only prove to have negative effects on our relations with little good in return.  

Yesterday, the Associated Press reported that Turkey’s top general, General Yasar Buyukanit, warned that the passing of this resolution may result in the U.S. losing access to Incirlik Air Base, a key cargo and transportation hub for our military.  He also added that, “If this resolution passes the House, our Military ties with the U.S. will never be the same.”  These are huge implications not only for us, but for the greater war on terror.  We need Turkey on board and we need Incirlik Air Base. 

It is indeed important that history be accurate and refer to genocide for what it is.  But why can’t this be done during a time of peace or at least when our key international issue is not bordering the country we are about to deeply offend.  This genocide occured nearly 100 years ago, what will a few more years of waiting to do this harm?  If Congress is intent on this, they should  pass this measure in 2015 at the 100 year anniversary or when it is less politically harmful.  But now is not the time. 

So, there are two options that we have that may serve to solve the problem, we could pull the resolution from the table or have it defeated.  Or we could pass the resolution then encourage the Turkish parliament to offically classify our treatment of the American Indians in the 1800’s as genocide and then call it even.  I prefer the former.  This is a strange and unnecessary move on the part of the Democrats, if it passes and Turkey does indeed follow through on their threats, we had better place full blame on Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. 

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Myanmar Exemplifies Catch-22 for World Powers


The recent history and current situation in Myanmar is among the most tragic in the last century.  It ranks right up there with Sudan, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Zimbabwe, and North Korea among others.  But Myanmar’s, like Lebanon and Zimbabwe in some ways, is not tragic because of Genocide, for we are far from that, but it is tragic because of the fall of a culture and productive country.  Prior to the rise of the military Junta in 1990, Myanmar was fairly democratic and was a “shining star” in SE Asia.  They had a strong economy and a great and historical culture.  It is among the most beautiful countries in the world and has incredible architecture, and now it is all thrown away.  The military Junta, like all military controlled governments, will eventually turn the country into a garbage pile. 

The events of the last two weeks have been fascinating and frustrating to watch.  What a great sight it was to see thousands of Buddhist monks and their supporters stage massive protests against a repressive regime.  At the height of the protests I wondered how the Junta would handle it.  They could ill afford a Tiannanmen Square incident.  The military leaders had to know that mass killings of monks would cause massive outcry in the world community, an outcry that may force the world to act with stronger muscle than usual.  Monks are the human embodiment of peace and oneness, regardless of if you believe in buddhism or not.  They come across as pure, pious, and innocent, the world would not stand for well-publicized mass killings of such a people.

 Sadly, the Junta was aware of this and played their hand extremely well.  They allowed the protests, allowed the people to get most of it out of their systems and then instituted curfews and prohibited gatherings of people; pretty standard for authoritarian states.  Once the media and world attention lessened a bit the violence started, first just in short bursts – nothing more than a few beatings and occasional killing of an out of hand protester.  But the Junta had a larger plan.  They new that the real problem were the monks, the people were loyal to the monks and would follow them.  So what how do you keep power if you don’t have loyalty?  You make people fear you.  And that is just what they did.  Over the last few days the Military cleared the monasteries and temples of monks that were the harbingers of the protests and killed many of them in brutal fashion.  Reports are that thousands have been massacred

Why is there no outcry? no outrage?  Because the American public no longer cares.  It was exciting and fun to watch for a day or two, but we lose interest in world events pretty quick.  Why concern ourselves with different looking people in a land that exists somewhere in the world called Myanmar when we need to find out if Britany is losing her children.  And because there is no public outrage there is no government action.

But then again what are Western governments supposed to do?  This is the same catch-22 that we have in dealing with Sudan, Rwanda in the ’90’s, Congo, etc.  We have no vested interest in these countries.  We have limited resources.  Because of international accords, we are expected to respect the territorial rights of a country, etc. etc.   Myanmar is no threat to the U.S., no threat to Britain or Germany or France; militarily or economically.  Not only that, but China is a close ally of the Junta.  If we press to hard on Myanmar, we may have to deal with China.  What if China decides, because of our actions against their ally, that they are going to fully reclaim Taiwan militarily.  Then we have world war.  Certainly this scenario is unlikely, but not out of the realm possibility.   On the other hand, don’t countries like us and France and Britain who have freedom and democracy at least supposed to stand for human rights and protect those who can’t protect themselves?  We have an obligation almost.  How can we stand by and allow a mini (or perhaps soon to be major) genocide occur, regardless of the circumstance behind it.   This is the catch-22 for our country.   Usually, in these situations we deal with it through sanctions or other economic penalties. But all this does is hurts the people who are already being oppressed.  Sanctions can only work if all major countries are on board, but with China supporting the junta, they are a waste of time and will only draw Myanmar closer to China.  The currently policy against Myanmar is not working and will not work unless we get China on board, which won’t happen.  Unfortunately, I don’t know what the solution is (although I have a few ideas).  But that is the job of the policy makers and they will probably screw it up.  


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A Call for the Extermination and Murder of 13 Million People

Wow. I have been browsing various blogs today looking around for interesting articles. Then I came across one from supporters of our good friend Sam Brownback,, titled LDS: Still Crazy After All these years. Here is the text of the column:

“Thanks to our friends at the Political Pale Horse for this tidbit:

Emma Nemecek, a Brownback for President staffer, sent an email to the Romney campaign about his Mormon faith. The Salt Lake Tribune reported that Nemecek said in the email “the only thing Christianity and the LDS Church has in common is the name of Jesus Christ, and the LDS Jesus is not the same Jesus of the Christian faith.” She went on to say “those who claim that [the] LDS [faith] is a Christian denomination don’t know Mormon or Christian theology.”

Never underestimate the intelligence of the average American voter.

Aside: Ever notice that LDS (Latter Day Saints) is an anagram of LSD? Makes you think, doesn’t it? No wonder they wear magical underpants (”garments”). They probably keep the angry dragons away (especially when infrequently laundered).

A further aside: I wonder when the Scientologists will front a Presidential candidate. A religion based on crappy science fiction from the 1950s? What’s next? Heaven’s Gate? The Nike party?”

Nothing too hostile here, I don’t think it is too thought out, but this is about standard for anti-Mormon comments. But then we get to the comments section, and these are incredible:

“What I’d like to know is how long after Sam Brownback is elected President will it be before those Mormons and Jehovahs Watchtower Witnesses are charged with felonies for pestering Christians. It is nothing short of terrorism against real Christians what they do.”Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett (Bold added for emphasis)

So despite religious freedom guaranteed in the Constitution, Mormons should be arrested and treated like terrorists. Sounds reasonable. But wait it gets better (and this is incredible):

“What’s wrong with these crazy people? Don’t they know Jesus is Lord? People like them belong in prison. Or in the grave. Why can’t we just kill them all now, and get it over with?”Marcia P.

Honestly, what can you say to that? Well, ok I had something to say to that, here is my comment:

“Wow, I can’t believe the vitriol and bigotry here. Incredible. Do you realize, Marcia, that you are basically calling for the extermination of a entire group of people, that puts you in the same category as Hitler. You realize that despite Mormons obvious differences in doctrine, we generally live good moral lives and espouse many of the same moral principles you all do (except for the apparent acceptance of Genocide). It is fine that you don’t think Mormons are Christian, if this is how Christians view their common man, I don’t want to be considered Christian.

By the way, how is what Mormonism does on par with Terrorism, last I heard we weren’t blowing up cars or killing people randomly. Based upon the comments here I would think many of you would be more aptly compared to Terrorists. Which leads me to the title of the piece and referring to Mormons as Crazy. Again, re-read what you all just wrote, sounds a little irrational and crazy to me, but what do I know I am just a terrorist crazy Mormon.

Finally, I am Mormon and I believe Jesus is Lord, as do all Mormons. Get your facts straight.” – Swint

I should also add a comment by Nick Byrum, a non-Mormon rational view of the comments:

“My god, while you are at it, why don’t you Bats for Brownback go back to smearing Catholics as “spiritual cannibals”? That whole consubstantiation vs. transsubstantiation thing, remember? I thought we dealt with that kind of prejudice back in 1960.

Or better yet, why don’t you go find a Jewish public official and start calling him a Christ killer? I thought we dealt with that kind of prejudice back in 1945.

If you want to go after Romney on issues, go for it. But this crap is beyond the pale.

Are Mormon doctrines wacky? Sure. I like a good glass of wine now and then. But the fruits of the religion–stable happy families, clean and sober and productive citizens–are just fine.

That is why Mormonism, however new and hokey, is a much better faith than an “established” religion like Islam, which has brought the world nothing but slavery, torture, and murder.

Frankly, I’d rather have Mormons for neighbors than you creeps.” – Nick Byrum

Following all these, Mrs. Gaines-Crockett goes on to defend the genocidal tendencies of Marcia P.

Frankly, people are free to have whatever opinion they want of anything, they are welcome to want to kill 13 million people if they want to, but that is not very Christ-like of them. It is really, really sad that there are people with such hatred in their hearts, especially those who call themselves Christian. I do not have a problem with people disagreeing with Mormonism, or calling us a cult, or even saying we are Satanic. You can think what you want, and frankly, I am confident enough in my beliefs that those things will not affect me and that I do not need to spend time tearing down and disparaging the beliefs of others. This is really the reason why I started the Mormon Q&A page, to share what we believe, not to tear down others. Call us what you will, but when you get too emotional and make irrational statements you sound, well, irrational and ignorant. So like I said in my comment above, if these hateful sentiments is what is considered Christian, then I don’t want to be Christian.


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