Hello, My name is Steve.  I am a 29 year old with a wonderful wife and two children.  I was brought up on the West Coast in California, but now live in Pennsylvania.  I spent 6 years in the Air Force and just recently separated.  Unfortunately, I was never able to serve any duty in Iraq or Afghanistan, in fact I never deployed or went TDY anywhere further than 3 hours from home.  It was nice, but at the same time I would have liked to see more of the world.  My service in the Air Force was very fulfilling and I would not have traded it for anything.

During that time I finished both my Bachelors and my Masters degrees.  My Masters was in International Relations, a topic that I am very passionate about and will focus much of this blog on.

Currently, I work for a large consulting firm.  I like to equate my job with those of the “Bob’s” from Office Space.  Though, we do slightly different work.

Before joining the Air Force, I served a mission in Alberta and NW Territories, Canada for the LDS church, attended BYU-Idaho, and, for a short time, the University of Utah (Go UTES!!!).    So you may well see some BYU bashing come college football season.

Enjoy the blog and I am always open for suggestions and recommendations.

10 responses to “About

  1. Brad Young


    I love the site, but no matter how much I appreciate your politics, I hate the Utes…GO COUGS!!!

  2. Nice blog! I love a good conservative blog…

  3. practicalreasoning

    Hi Steve,

    Nice blog – I found it through your postings on UltiMitt. I have one, too – and I noticed that we have the same wordpress template. I’m also the Policy Manager for UltiMitt, and just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and hope you stay involved.

    I’ll try and stop by here and leave some comments from time to time. Feel free to do the same on my blog.

    – Jeff (AKA PracticalReasoning)

  4. Texas Little El

    Quite honestly I expect more from someone that has been in the Air Force.

    Then I looked to see that you are a Mormon and could only think that your religion mandates you pick a wishy washy candidate like Willard Mitt Romney over a candidate with substance.

    I can also base your decision on your age, being 29. At some point you will realize that the hero’s of our youth have little interest in us or the rest of the world.

    Hopefully you won’t regret your decisions later in life.

  5. Adam Greenwood

    Go Cougars!

    Nice blog.

  6. Mike

    A picture of the dog but none of the kids.

  7. Steve, why only 5 candidates listed on your blog? Where is the Ron Paul link?

  8. Swint

    Good point, I will add him, if only because of his growing influence. I left him off initially because he was such a fringe player, and while I still think he is, his is a voice that is getting out there. Thanks

  9. Phil Taylor

    Hello Steve:

    I sent in a YouTube question for the Republican debate. It is a variation of the Mormon question. It could be called “The Destiny question”. It can be found by:
    1. Googleing – “YouTube Republican Presidential Debate”.
    2. Click on – “YouTube – Broadcast Yourself”.
    3. Click on – “See the questions that were submitted!”.
    4. In the “Go to entry” box type in number 4878. It should start to play by itself.

    All the best,

    Phil Taylor

  10. Jen

    Hi Steve,

    Don’t know if you remember me, I went to school with you our senior year. I always knew you would do great things, and you have. Your website is awesome! Nice job man!

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