A Call for the Extermination and Murder of 13 Million People

Wow. I have been browsing various blogs today looking around for interesting articles. Then I came across one from supporters of our good friend Sam Brownback, blogsforbrownback.wordpress.com, titled LDS: Still Crazy After All these years. Here is the text of the column:

“Thanks to our friends at the Political Pale Horse for this tidbit:

Emma Nemecek, a Brownback for President staffer, sent an email to the Romney campaign about his Mormon faith. The Salt Lake Tribune reported that Nemecek said in the email “the only thing Christianity and the LDS Church has in common is the name of Jesus Christ, and the LDS Jesus is not the same Jesus of the Christian faith.” She went on to say “those who claim that [the] LDS [faith] is a Christian denomination don’t know Mormon or Christian theology.”

Never underestimate the intelligence of the average American voter.

Aside: Ever notice that LDS (Latter Day Saints) is an anagram of LSD? Makes you think, doesn’t it? No wonder they wear magical underpants (”garments”). They probably keep the angry dragons away (especially when infrequently laundered).

A further aside: I wonder when the Scientologists will front a Presidential candidate. A religion based on crappy science fiction from the 1950s? What’s next? Heaven’s Gate? The Nike party?”

Nothing too hostile here, I don’t think it is too thought out, but this is about standard for anti-Mormon comments. But then we get to the comments section, and these are incredible:

“What I’d like to know is how long after Sam Brownback is elected President will it be before those Mormons and Jehovahs Watchtower Witnesses are charged with felonies for pestering Christians. It is nothing short of terrorism against real Christians what they do.”Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett (Bold added for emphasis)

So despite religious freedom guaranteed in the Constitution, Mormons should be arrested and treated like terrorists. Sounds reasonable. But wait it gets better (and this is incredible):

“What’s wrong with these crazy people? Don’t they know Jesus is Lord? People like them belong in prison. Or in the grave. Why can’t we just kill them all now, and get it over with?”Marcia P.

Honestly, what can you say to that? Well, ok I had something to say to that, here is my comment:

“Wow, I can’t believe the vitriol and bigotry here. Incredible. Do you realize, Marcia, that you are basically calling for the extermination of a entire group of people, that puts you in the same category as Hitler. You realize that despite Mormons obvious differences in doctrine, we generally live good moral lives and espouse many of the same moral principles you all do (except for the apparent acceptance of Genocide). It is fine that you don’t think Mormons are Christian, if this is how Christians view their common man, I don’t want to be considered Christian.

By the way, how is what Mormonism does on par with Terrorism, last I heard we weren’t blowing up cars or killing people randomly. Based upon the comments here I would think many of you would be more aptly compared to Terrorists. Which leads me to the title of the piece and referring to Mormons as Crazy. Again, re-read what you all just wrote, sounds a little irrational and crazy to me, but what do I know I am just a terrorist crazy Mormon.

Finally, I am Mormon and I believe Jesus is Lord, as do all Mormons. Get your facts straight.” – Swint

I should also add a comment by Nick Byrum, a non-Mormon rational view of the comments:

“My god, while you are at it, why don’t you Bats for Brownback go back to smearing Catholics as “spiritual cannibals”? That whole consubstantiation vs. transsubstantiation thing, remember? I thought we dealt with that kind of prejudice back in 1960.

Or better yet, why don’t you go find a Jewish public official and start calling him a Christ killer? I thought we dealt with that kind of prejudice back in 1945.

If you want to go after Romney on issues, go for it. But this crap is beyond the pale.

Are Mormon doctrines wacky? Sure. I like a good glass of wine now and then. But the fruits of the religion–stable happy families, clean and sober and productive citizens–are just fine.

That is why Mormonism, however new and hokey, is a much better faith than an “established” religion like Islam, which has brought the world nothing but slavery, torture, and murder.

Frankly, I’d rather have Mormons for neighbors than you creeps.” – Nick Byrum

Following all these, Mrs. Gaines-Crockett goes on to defend the genocidal tendencies of Marcia P.

Frankly, people are free to have whatever opinion they want of anything, they are welcome to want to kill 13 million people if they want to, but that is not very Christ-like of them. It is really, really sad that there are people with such hatred in their hearts, especially those who call themselves Christian. I do not have a problem with people disagreeing with Mormonism, or calling us a cult, or even saying we are Satanic. You can think what you want, and frankly, I am confident enough in my beliefs that those things will not affect me and that I do not need to spend time tearing down and disparaging the beliefs of others. This is really the reason why I started the Mormon Q&A page, to share what we believe, not to tear down others. Call us what you will, but when you get too emotional and make irrational statements you sound, well, irrational and ignorant. So like I said in my comment above, if these hateful sentiments is what is considered Christian, then I don’t want to be Christian.


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6 responses to “A Call for the Extermination and Murder of 13 Million People

  1. rationalzen

    According to the wordpress admin’s post on their mission page, it’s a parody site.

    I wouldn’t put it past too many people to be that ignorant, but hopefully parody is indeed correct.

  2. john roberts

    the halocaust was carried out by people who believed they were christians. in the 1500’s, luther, a national hero for his 95 points, made germany the first country to have a bible in their own language. but it was also luther’s antisemtic writings that hitler used to validate his handling of the jews. “no treatment is too severe in the handling of the jews”

    there were 79 million in germany at the time. of those, only 50,000 challenged hitlers handling of the jews by hiding them in their homes

    at the time of the halocaust the national religion was catholicism and lutheran. both of these institutionalized churchs were instrumental in hitler’s rise to power.

    there were 10’s of thousands of military personnel, involved in the transporting on both ends to get them to the camps. thousands involved in maintaing the camps there were thousands involved in running the trains. thousands of contracts that went out to build the camps and crematoriums. there were thousands and of companies and thousands of engineers involved in the construction of the camps.

    this doesnt even cover all the people that turned their backs on their friends and neighbors when they were taken away by the ss.

    then consider the worldwide climate of antisemitism. for myself i think i was a preteen when i first heard about the holocaust. my gut reaction, in my mind, even though as far back as i could remember, i somehow knew jesus loved me, was…………..”isnt that the way you are supposed to treat them”.

    in my mind, from what i heard from the adults around me, was that jews were someone to avoid and be rid of and never trust.

    surely you are familiar with the movie “a gentleman’s agreement” with gregory peck. definitely a movie of the time.

    at the turn of the century if you were a respectable white man of means in albama and missisippi you belonged to the klu klux klan. justice black, from alabama, of the supreme court was at one time a member.

    i knew a man who lived in cleveland texas in the thirties and forties. he said a black man was never allowed to look a white man in the eye, and a small white boy could at any time tell a black man what to do. if he didnt do it he was visited that night, and in some cases never seen again.

    what i am saying is those were the christians in those times. are you going to say they werent christians because they didnt get it right.

    no, if you are a christian…………….you will say we committed genecide on the jews and terrorized our black brothers. hopefully thru god’s grace we will never do that again.

  3. That wordpress admin “post” (a comment in one of our threads) was a spoof by some clever anonymous idiot. We could simply delete it, but we generally don’t delete posts. So we rebutted it and left it up.

    Anybody can post under any name. Now if it were posted on the official wordpress site people would link to that as proof that B4B is some elaborate parody. But they cannot, because it does not exist and because we are not.

    I also allow people to comment in whatever way they wish. Deleting comments will not change what the commenter thinks. Besides, if we deleted the comments that set you off, you’d have had nothing to post about.

  4. Swint


    No worries, I wouldn’t want you to delete any of it, people are free to write what they want, more power to them. Besides, as you pointed out, it gave me something to write about. Good times.

  5. CJ

    Well, said my friend. I’m a convert to the church and frankly surprised by the ignorance of most people about our faith.

  6. Sarah

    I have studied many religions in my search for truth and God. I started off a Baptist at age 4, (baptized at age 7) and learned that Jesus was the son of God and our Saviour. This was all good and wonderful. Then when I was 9 and attending a different Baptist church, I heard people saying Jesus IS God… I never found that statement anywhere in the new testament or in anything Jesus ever said. (Only in someone else’s interpretation of what was being LITERALLY said).

    So the search began. I attended school at the Ocala Christian Academy in Florida. I went to the Methodist Church (got sprinkled), Lutheran, Jehovah Witnesses, Pentecostal, Catholic, Seventh-Day Adventists and several non-denominational churches. I studied Islam for a year. I studied Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. Looked into Taoism even.

    I also studied the lessons, was baptized and became a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints. I followed that path for 4 years before moving on for nearly the same reason I left other mainstream Christian faiths. All the Christian churches wanted to do was talk about baseball teams, building funds and the like–money money money. Where was God? Jesus was mentioned, but God was rarely or never talked about.

    The LDS placed too much focus on John Smith and not enough on God for my tastes, but I will say this: When it comes to LIVING a Christian life based on Christian principles… The Latter Day Saints beat all other Christian faiths hands down!!!

    They practice what they preach and do not merely pay lip service to God like so many “good Christians” do. They actually attempt to raise their children with values they reinforce by example. The create a loving and worshipful environment in their homes and their community. You won’t see a hungry, struggling or homeless Mormon because they take responsibility gladly, kindly, and willingly for their community. They don’t do charity for a single mother with a smile then start condemning her to their brethren the instant she is out of sight. They hypocrisy I have seen in the dozens of churches I have attended in my 40 years of life on this earth was not evident in a single Mormon community (I was part of 3 or 4 different ones and visited many).

    Yes, let the other Christian communities take up arms and slaughter the Latter Day Saints. Because the Saints are a harshly critical mirror for these other denominations, whose only rallying point is polygamy (which they will find to have been perfectly legal if they actually read their bible cover to cover, beginning with Genesis, at least once in their life instead of never opening it, but using it instead as a weapon to bash someone over the head with in their ignorance and hypocrisy).

    Finally, I decided to go back to the source. I reasoned that I cannot trust man. Jesus was a Jew so I will live like a Jew, walk in his shoes, for 1 year in order to understand him better. That was a MASSIVE eye opener–especially when you find out that the things Jesus was teaching were actually being taught by a Rabbi named Hillel, long before Jesus was born.

    I now just follow the Bible and not organized religion. Humans are a lying manipulating sort and I trust no man to show me the path to God. God will guide me…and I trust God. Jews would call me a Ger, or righteous Gentile because I keep the seven Noachide laws and then some.

    May God Almighty–Creator of heaven, earth and all things; God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac–have mercy upon us all and forgive the ignorance, intolerance and violence in our hearts.

    *a foot note here…Jews execute people by strangling, beheading, stoning, and burning (burning=pouring hot lead down a person’s throat in order to destroy their soul for extremely serious violations of God’s law)–these are the only methods provided to them by God for execution. They don’t crucify people as that is not a permissible form of execution.

    Jesus was a threat to the Roman empire as he was, perhaps unintentionally, fostering a rebellion and his followers were increasing in number. Romans crucified people right and left.

    Jews also do not eat babies as human flesh is NOT KOSHER. The blood of anything is NOT KOSHER–so forget the baby blood in the passover matzos, that is ludicrous. Stop these foolish and ignorant accusations.

    Learn the truth for yourself. Study a people and their beliefs thoroughly before you condemn them.

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