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Are Putin and Clinton Both Right?

It is a rare occassion when I agree with either Vladimir Putin (whom I think is the most dangerous person on Earth) and Hillary Clinton (whom I just despise, but no real vitriol there).  But, I always thought it would be a cold-day in hell before I agreed with both of them, but that day has come.

(Hat Tip: Ben Smith/Politico)

Back before the New Hampshire primary Hillary Clinton, when asked about Russia and Putin, Hillary said that Putin, “didn’t have a soul.”   I can’t say that I disagree there. 

Yesterday, Putin was asked to respond to this comment (a little late if you ask me) and he replied, “At a minimum, a head of state should have a head.”   I can’t say I disagree there either (in two ways, certainly a President should have a ‘head’ and that Hillary doesn’t). 

So despite the fact they were criticizing each other, they were both right! How about that.  I am confident that a similar event will never happen again in my lifetime. 

Final thought, speaking of Russia, wasn’t it Fred Thompson who referred to Russia as the Soviet Union? ….  ‘and (he) wanted to be my latex salesman’.


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