Must Reads

Marraige and Society – Pew Research. A newly released study regarding the degredation of the family and it’s impact on society.

Democracy: Hu Needs It? – The Economist. A look at Hu Jintao’s recent comments about democracy and China’s more democratic path

Mormonism and Democratic Politics: Are they compatible? – Pew Research Forum, a discussion with Colombia University history professor and LDS Scholar Richard Bushman. Nothing better that I have found regarding the Mormon issue and Mitt Romney.

Q&A With a Mormon Elder – Reuters. An interview with LDS official Todd Cristofferson, regarding the LDS Church’s political involvement and its stance towards Mitt Romney.

The Guantanamo I Know – Morris Davis, NYT. A new look at conditions at Gitmo

Nationalist Suicide: Fouad Ajami, Newsweek. Palestinian political situation, Hamas v PLO

Indoctrinate -U Documentary : A trailer for a documentary about the state of education in America’s universities.

Reactionary Amnesia: Victor Davis Hansen. The realities of the Iraq war and Americans response to it.

CIA Family Jewels : National Security Archives. Announcing the declassification of the Skeleton Papers by the CIA. Links to and information about how to see and review the documents.

2 responses to “Must Reads

  1. Brad Colovich

    Steve, both Mary and I are incredibly impressed with your Blog and we love reading it. I would love for to look the following websites: (JBS gets a bad rap but Pres. Benson called the John Birch Society “the most effective non-church organization opposing socialism and Godless communism”)

    J. Reuben Clark and Ezra Taft Benson sat on their Board of Directors (FEE). It is the largest Free Market Think Tank.
    Also, This is the Future of Freedom Foundation. Anyone who really truly believes in the mission of our founding fathers will love all 3 of these websites. I have some great books that I will give you in Aug when you come out to Utah. Several are written by Pres. Benson and one by Cleon Slousen.

    I will send you some reading material that I personally feel is vital to the restoration of our constitution. It is refreshing to see someone as young as you care about our nation and its sovereignty. I would love to talk with you about some of these issues. By the way, these books are non-partisian, non-political…they are simply pro-constitution. While I am a registered Republican, (because in Utah you have to be a registered either Republican or Democrat in order to vote in the primary’s) I really consider myself to be a Constitutionalist. I believe, as is found in the D&C (D&C 98:10) That we are to seek out “Good” and “Wise” men. There are many good christian, God-loving men who are not wise.

    I will send a few books and articles to you today and then when I see you in Aug, I have several others that I think you will love.

    This is a passion of mine. I LOVE the constitution and I know that it is vital that we stand up and do all that we can to get back to the fundamental and basic principles of it. Principles never change! Keep up the good fight…I, like you agree that Adams was one of the most important figures in American history. In reading your blog, I am reminded of a quote by Abagail Adams, “I wonder if future generations will ever know what we have suffered on their behalf.” So much was sacraficed for us and so many people take it for granted.

    Again, thank you for using your influence and knowledge to spread this vitally important message.

    Brad Colovich
    (Your Aunt Mary’s husband)

  2. Swint


    I know who you are! :).
    Thanks for all that stuff, I appreciate it. (Although there is no chance that I will be supporting Ron Paul for Prez, sorry. ;).

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