The Good News for Mitt

Here are some positives that Mitt supporters can look at as we move forward:

1. Voting already started in New Hampshire, well before the McCain surge.

2. The media is starting to spin Huckabee’s spin as being all because of the evangelical vote.

3. Mitt is the only candidate that is competitive in all of the states.

4. There are two(?) debates before New Hampshire — Mitt needs to hammer McCain hard.

5. McCain came in 4th.  (Really good news)

6. Obama won on the Democrat side, likely pulling independent voters in NH to vote in the Dem contest.

7. McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance Reform

8. McCain supports (or until his recent flip-flop) Amnesty

9. McCain is an angry old man and a little loony.

10. Ron Paul beat Rudy in Iowa, Rudy only got 3%.

11. Fred has not dropped out yet (let’s hope he stays in through South Carolina).

12. Lots of money and a strong organization.

13. Mitt has a home in New Hampshire, at least he can sleep in his own place for the next few nights.

14. I really, really, really, want him to win (does that make a difference? :))


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7 responses to “The Good News for Mitt

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  2. Joel Cannon

    I sure enjoy your thoughtful and intelligent posts.

  3. Fletch

    These are some good reasons to pick our heads back up and move on. After all, there is a reason they call Mitt the, “Come Back Kid.”

  4. Big Jay

    Two things to point out as well. Huckster largely ran away with the vote where the household income was 30K or below. Also in cities with a population of 10,000 or fewer people Huckabee did well, especially among women.

  5. Big Jay

    And I vow never to refer to him as long as I live by his legal name. I will call him Huckster from this day forward.

  6. ajay

    Mitt needs to relax more in front of camera and joke more and not be so serious…smile a lot !! That’s it, everthing else is just fine.

  7. nat

    Great post. Winning 3:1 on non-EV! That’s awesome. Go Mitt!

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