Mormons Targeted in Anthrax Scare

Yesterday, seemingly innocent envelopes were delivered to representatives at the LDS temples in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles, the two most heavily protest locations since the passage of Proposition 8 in California.  These envelopes were filled with a white powder that was apparently harmless, but required hazmat teams to shut down the locations.

So now we are again seeing the true colors of the far-left liberals.  They love to preach tolerance and openness, kindness and peace.  But they do not believe in these things, they talk like pacifists but act like militant marxists, or dare I say Stalinists.  So what did the Mormons do to deserve the treatment they are getting?  They actively supported a bill that defined marriage between a man and a woman.  Nevermind that this bill only affected what the word “marriage” referred to. The bill does not call for any rights to be taken away or any unequal treatment.  It just stipulates that marriage is between a man and a woman. In fact the church supports equal rights under the law for gay couples when entered into civil unions.  The church agrees that they should be privy to the same tax benefits and other entitlements that married couples receive.  So while gay and lesbian couples really lose no rights whatsoever, those who profess tolerance and openness are threatening the church with anthrax scares, defacing church property, threatening LDS members, etc.  What a bunch of hypocrits.   Liberals are only keen on freedom of speech and tolerance when it benefits them or people sensitive to their opinions.   They need to grow up and act like adults instead of like a bunch of babies.  The fact anyone takes those groups seriously is a joke.



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7 responses to “Mormons Targeted in Anthrax Scare

  1. Crystal C

    Hey Steve,

    this has been bugging me for a while and I can’t seem to find out. I know the Church encouraged members to donate money to the prop 8 campaign, but did the church itself donate money? To me that seems wrong, but I’ve had people fight me tooth and nail on it, so I figured I ought to ask someone. Do you know?

  2. Swint

    No, the church did not donate money to the passage of Prop. 8. They only encouraged their members to be actively involved and to donate time and/or money to the extent they felt comfortable.

    If you go back to the original press releases and the “call to arms” (if you will), I believe the Church said they will not be donating money.

  3. dp

    First–you do not know who mailed those letters. Second, why do you take the actions of one or two crazy people to represent the group. For example, I am LDS and a Gay rights activist, does this mean that all LDS people are for gay rights? It Must! I represent my whole group! Further, civil unions most CERTAINLY do NOT legally equate with marriage, if you were a lawyer, you would know that. The passage did take away rights–It took away gay peoples right to marry. So if it is the same damn thing–why did so many people CARE?! Further, i totally disagree with targeting the church, but when you go after peoples rights, don’t expect people to behave nicely. I guess your right: it is hypocritical for gay people to target LDS folks, just like LDS folks have targeted gays.
    By the way—if we LDS people want to protect traditional marriage, maybe it should start by changing its own state: Utah is a divorce mill state, next to Nevada, it has the most liberal divorce laws in the country. Start by changing that.

  4. Wrong-o

    (that person is not a Mormon, Mormons don’t cuss poser)

  5. MS

    I don’t feel sorry for any of you. You people think that you are the only people that are “persecuted?” You guys have done enough judging. I have seen enough for a lifetime. Even those who invited me to their Wards, and once treated me like a friend, all of a sudden, since I’m supporting the rights of those who are gay, I’m the most evil person ever. Wrong-o, you say that person isn’t a Mormon for “Mormon’s don’t cuss..” Time for you to grow up and get back to reality. Mormons are human, just like the rest of us. And even though the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints asks for those to understand them, when it comes to those who are LDS to understand others, I find it never happens. Too much hypocrisy. I’m not saying that I’m better, or that my beliefs are better, however, if you are going to pretend to be holier than thou (most, if not all of you do), then prepare to have your views called. But yet, I get called an elitest, and I should go join Al-Qaeda, because I supposedly “stifling free speech.” You guys in the LDS Church are no better than anyone else, but I guess that will come to pass come judgement day.

    BTW, I think that if Joseph Smith knew what people would do to his belief system, I’m pretty sure he would be rolling in his grave. Maybe we should have some more golden plates delivered by Moroni. Y’all are human, time to start understanding that – don’t act like you are God.

  6. JD

    And now in a CA tax filing it looks as though the church – yes the church, not just the members – donated money to persecute gay people. I’m not sorry at all that the church got targeted in an anthrax hoax, sometimes its good to learn what living in fear means, gay people have been for a long time now. I went through an anthrax scare myself when a bunch of far right activists mailed white powder to an AIDS clinic. Looks like both sides play the same game.

  7. Sometimes I wonder about who really did this fake anthrax attack. Could the mormons themselves have done a fake attack against themselves? You know, another cute little diversionary tactic like the Clinton Sex Scandal and all the rest.

    These extremist thugs may have launched a fake attack against themselves in order to divert attention away from the fact that they are responsible for the real anthrax attacks……and not foreign islamic extremists or a fall guy patsy victim to blame like Bruce Ivins (The fact that all these attacks were targeted at liberals and Democrats is very telling about the nature of the extremists who did it, you know).

    Nothing like trying to make it look like they are the ones being persecuted (as if the extremist mormon mafia didn’ t do plenty of their own persecution). Nothing like trying to get everybody to cry redical WRONG-wing extremist conservative crocodile tears…… and have sympathy for the devil. This is the same kind of tactics Hitler and his fellow Nazis employed : ” Us poor Nazis are so persecuted…… We’ll never mass murder and genocide everybody ourselves once we take control of the entire country !”

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