Obama’s American Basij

he more I hear Obama speak the more he scares me. Either he has crazy ideas and frightening motives or he doesn’t really think his ideas through. But consider the statement in the following video:

A Civilian Security Defense Force? So not only is the military not doing a good enough job, but neither is our police force, firemen, paramedics, first responders, emergency response teams, or rent-a-cops. Nope, we don’t have enough security so we need to create a Civilian National Security Force.

Do you know what a Civilian National Security Force is? It is a Basij. If you don’t know what the Basij is, it is Iran’s internal security force made up originally of civilians. Is that what you want in this country? Are you ready to give up more freedom Americans? I AM NOT! Increased security is inversely proportional to freedom. With freedom comes risk, with more security comes less freedom. Well I want my freedom. I can live with the risk of terrorism, but I refuse to live in fear of my own country people and government; but that is exactly what will happen if Obama creates his Civilian National Security Force that is just as big and well funded as the US Military. Do you want an entity that massive and indestructible in charge of domestic security? NO, NO, NO.

I can’t believe how so many voters are so blinded by Obama. Now that I have gotten past the speaking and presentation skills he has and I have focused on his words and ideas, the more I fear him. Nevertheless, I believe in America. I believe the American political structure is more resilient than the damage that one man and one party can do. Barack is a disaster waiting to happen if he actually accomplishes 1/3 of what he says.

One final note, if the government funds a Civilian National Security Force and the “civilians” working in this force are paid by the government, they are no longer Civilians. They are either soldiers or government employees.



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4 responses to “Obama’s American Basij

  1. liz

    If you keep posting this negative stuff Obama will put you in re-education camp.

  2. Swint

    Ha! That did cross my mind!

  3. Happy&Free : .)

    Obama is President, not necessarliy president over creating anything & everything he dreams up. Thk Goodness we have chks & balances! We the People can Vote him out as much as many have voted him in. Besides, what’s with the affirmation “God We Trust”on the dollar bill for? Just Fun? Either ONE TRUST’s God or ONE DOESN’T. With God all things are Possible. “What little faith u have” Jesus said to Peter. Fear is the individual’s reflection from his/her’s soul’s doubt to an absolute Trust of one’s God. To do so is contridicting one’s beliefs & self. Either one trust’s or doesn’t, it can’t be either or. This Nation is about “We the People” NOT WHO WE ELECT.
    We are going to be fine with Obama in office, stop the parinoia, stop the fear. God We Trust, not Government We trust or We the Government. It’s WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, THE FIRST BRANCH OF THIS NATIONS GOVERNING POWER, THEN THE THREE THAT FOLLOW-CONGRESS, JUDICIAL & PRESIDENCY.
    Love I Trust, Brotherhood I Trust, Peace & Goodness I Trust & All This Is God Goodness.
    And that’s why I am Happy & free…….

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