Black Holes…Awesome

Astronomy and Physics is something I know absolutely nothing about, but find ridiculously fascinating. Check out these images and articles of new findings about Black Holes.

Closest Look Ever at the Edge of the

How Big Can a Black Hole Grow? New Scientist Space


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2 responses to “Black Holes…Awesome

  1. Steven,

    Good to see you blogging about Black Holes and such. We should talk. On my blog here on WordPress ( I have a string going on Science and Religion. I think you would have some salient comments to add to the discussion. I have also linked this website to mine. Hope you don’t mind. I think there is a very important discussion to be had re: science and religion. Basically, I want to take upon myself and any who are willing to help to explore adn discuss the issues surrounding the apparent unwillingness of intellectuals to even consider the fact that truths can come from spiritual sources as well as science.
    I like to think that the prophet, mystic, yogi, shamen, or visionary can see a truth without knowing why or how it is true. He or she can pass that truth on to the scientist or researcher for the explanation. It is the idea of the Exoteric (The what) being revealed by the spiritualist and the Esoteric (The how or why of the what) being discovered by the researcher/scientist.

  2. One more quick comment. I also wrote a blog on Black holes and Super Colliders

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