Vice President Sarah Palin?

According to at least Fox News, backstage sources are saying the Vice Presidential pick for John McCain is Sarah Palin. If so, this is a fantastic pick.

Sarah Palin is the current Governor of Alaska, a mid-40’s female, very attractive, a solid conservative, though environmental minded, and anti-corruption. She would be the best pick for McCain.

What Palin does for the ticket is soothes over conservatives who are concerned about McCain’s moderate stances, wins over many female Hillary supporters who are currently undecided, and potentially brings in the “Soccer Moms”. She is one of only two GOP potential veep selections that can get any where near Obama in terms of exciting the American people (the other being Bobby Jindal). So if this is indeed the pick look for McCain to 1. stifle any bump that Obama got from the convention. I am now fully behind McCain/Palin this year.

BREAKING- The campaign just confirmed the choice according to FoxNews!



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16 responses to “Vice President Sarah Palin?

  1. rebelle

    I like what I see of Sara Palin, too. What a way to ratchet up the excitement factor for the Republican Party. She seems to be conservative and progressive. Let’s hope it is true!

  2. She is very attractive? Surely that is not a requirement in this day and time for a woman to be to be Vice President? *shakes head and realizes I’m in the boy’s table dance room*

  3. Ryan


    If people can poke fun at McCains deformed neck as though it keeps him from being a good president, certainly being an attractive woman can help to be a good vice president, right?

    Besides, we all know people listen to attractive women more than less attractive ones (men and women, plenty of social studies to prove this). When they are attractive and smart it’s almost deadly.

    Not saying how it should be, just saying how it is 🙂

  4. tipptalk

    It is a great pick. She will take on the tough guys!

  5. elizabeth

    conservation minded??? She is a creationist that doesn’t believe that global warming is man-made. Unlike most people here, I think its a desperate move to pander to women. Doesn’t work for me.

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  7. Aaaand, she’s under investigation for ethics violations.

    McCain is obvously pandering to women to score the disgruntled Hillary supporters.

  8. batguano101

    Brilliant choice.
    This is the best move McCain has made so far.

    Palin- is smart, successful governor, good family, has a son in the Army.

    But the kicker is she taps into the knee capping Hillary did to the democrats with the “PUMA” followers.

    Palin is excellent alone, but with the betrayal of the Obama camp Hillary has pulled, Palin brings in the PUMA votes.

    This was absolutely brilliant of McCain’s campaign.

    Just remember though, without the totally selfish Hillary, this would not work nearly as well.

  9. Marty

    Agree with batguan0101. Fantastic choice ! This will energize the conservatives as it has me. It also says a lot about McCain as I wasn’t high on him before but now he’s got my moral and financial support. This shows his wisdom. Palin has a record of complete integrity and walks the walk of her values. She took on the corrupt republicans and worked both with independents and democrats. It will be very hard for the democrats to attack her and what an American story she has ! Americans will be able to relate to her especially women. Hocky mom, runner up in Miss Alaska, genuine, and she’s not too bad to look at ! Great choice.

  10. soulintention

    As a women – I did and would vote for Hillary – Palin is a far cry from Hillary, there are many women McCain could have pick – he is desparate to bring in women, desparate to bring in pro-life, desparate in every sense of the word — big mistake – Palin is not someone I want to step into the VP sport more or less into the position of Commander in Chief if needed.

    America wake up

  11. soulintention

    As a women – I did and would vote for Hillary – Palin is a far cry from Hillary, there are many women McCain could have pick – he is desparate to bring in women, desparate to bring in pro-life, desparate in every sense of the word — big mistake – Palin is not someone I want to step into the VP spot more or less into the position of Commander in Chief if needed.

    America wake up

  12. taylorde

    “environmental minded”
    – She disagrees with listing Polar Bears as an endangered species (Associated Press).
    – She favors opening ANWAR to drilling (Associated Press).

    – It is true that she got her job by finding ethics problems with the competition.
    – She is currently under investigation herself. “The Legislature is investigating her firing of the state public safety commissioner (Associated Press)”.


    I appreciate and commend the Republican party for their upcoming nomination of a female for Vice President. No matter which way this election goes it will be historic. Heck, it already has been a historic election.

    Personally, I feel that McCain’s selection of Palin was a grasp at undecided voters rather than an attempt to pick a qualified VP (ideally, a candidate would find both). I’ll wait to hear and see more of McCain/Palin to decide, but right now it seems that McCain is not really interested in Palin working *with* him in the White House, rather he is interested in Palin working *for* him in the general election.

    I am positive that we will hear from the Democrats soon enough why she is not the leadership that America needs. I hope that people who are on the fence about this upcoming election do some candidate research for themselves rather than rely on the sometimes unreliable blogosphere and usually biased mass media.

  13. She definitely has far less experience than a Hillary or a Condi Rice…
    Or anything that will be able to lead this nation if McCain kicks the bucket during his term…
    Which is as legitimate of an argument as Obama getting assassinated would be for a conservative…

  14. A Warning for Barack Obama. You are going to have to watch your emotional sense of Sarah Palin. People like her, conservatives, are just following rules in their consideration for others. They are rules as in a competition or sporting event, rules that must be obeyed and that derive from fear of judgment from authority, not from any real empathy for the pain and suffering of others. For all conservatives have had their natural emotions wiped from their psyches and replaced by fear of punishment for disobeying rules, fear and guilt inculcated as “conscience” by fear of punishment at a young age. Rather than caring about people as I know you do, Barack, out of genuine empathy, they care about how they are seen and judged in the way that they treat people. Much will be made about McCain and Palin’s attitudes toward people during Hurricane Gustav. There are limits as to how much you can thwart the perception of the electorate towards her and McCain’s sympathy for victims of the storm, for visible statements of concern and supporting deeds speak for themselves are hard to contradict in people’s minds whatever their motive. Reality is the unrehearsed response by conservatives to what happened during Hurricane Katrina. Counterbalance their kind act political theatre during this storm when all eyes are upon them as best you can within the limits of political reality. But you must not, yourself, not even for a moment, become emotionally connected toward Palin as a fellow caring individual in any way, for that misplaced identification of her with yourself would be emotionally fatal to the proper attitude you must have towards her no more than a player on the Bush, Rove, Limbaugh conservative gang that seeks four more years of power, four more years that will destroy us all. She is no more than the sheep’s clothing of the wolf, never more in your mind than an enemy of the people that must be defeated in her efforts to get McCain into the White House.
    Ruth Calabria matrix-evolutions

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