Frustrated War Protesters

Apparently, many War protesters and activists are becoming increasing frustrated with the lack of motivation in the anti-War movement.

Of course they are! Why? Let me count the ways.

First, we are hardly in a War right now.  Basically, we are carrying out a massive peace-keeping and rebuilding operation.  To actually call what is currently going on in Iraq  a “war” is a bit ridiculous; there are no major battles, no storming of beaches, no crazy carpet bombing, so on and so forth.  Sure, there are military raids to root out terrorists or the occassional strategic bombing, but really a majority of the troops there are acting as peacekeeping troops and helping with Iraq’s infrastructure.

The only reason we call this a war is because of political reasons.  Republicans use the term war because it helps drum up support for funding and political backing from their base.  Democrats use the term war to drum up the anti-war sentiment and solidify support from their base.

What is going on in Iraq is nothing like what happened in Vietnam, Korea, Japan, or Germany.  It is a completely different conflict that, all things considered, is going quite well right now and looks like there will be a positive outcome for the U.S. and Iraq.

Aside from Why we went to Iraq in the first place and simple , I don’t understand what the anti-War movement is so upset about.  About the only argument they make that makes complete sense is that Iraq should be spending its own oil revenue to fund their reconstruction, amen!

How could they possibly expect the American people to be passionate against the war?  Just because polls show that 60-70% of Americans want the troops withdrawn in the next two years and think the war was a mistake, doesn’t mean they advocate our defeat there or think we have lost.  In fact I want our troops home in the next two years too.  Anyone who doesn’t has issues.  But that doesn’t mean they should be brought back in the next two years.  I want the job done and I want Iraq to be successful.  These things can’t be rushed, and, like nearly all of our previous wars in our history, it has taken a few years for our troops start winning and gaining the upper-hand (go read your history of the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and WWII).  We have a knack for struggling for a while, but we always seem to come out on top (and many argue we would have in Vietnam had we been given another year or two).

The other reason people are apathetic is because there are more important issues that we are facing, e.g. the economy.  Additionally, we are in the depths of a historic Presidential campaign where we focus on issues that are beyond trivial.

So basically, people are apathetic because things are not that bad in Iraq and we are generally safe from terrorism (and this is true and something I intend to address in a future post).  The only way the war gets more coverage and people end up being passionate against it is if there is no perceived progress ever occurring, like pre-2007.  However this is not likely.  The only thing that could make things interesting is Iran; their involvement and the way we handle them.



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2 responses to “Frustrated War Protesters

  1. How do you define victory in Iraq? What if the Iraqi Council of Representatives votes to eject American soldiers, mercenaries, and diplomats? The long term Iraqi war cost is estimated at 3 trillion (1/3rd of our entire national debt). That would be about $10,000 per American. We have lost over 4,000 U.S. soldiers.

    How much debt are you willing to absorb for this “peace-keeping mission”?

    How many more dead soldiers and casualties are you willing to put up with for the mission?

  2. Roy Fillmore

    Maybe they just need something new to protest. Like Tang. Why can’t I find any of that stuff at the store anymore? I wanna know why!

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