Pray for a NC, IN Split for the Dems

Tomorrow is yet another big day on the wild ride that is the Democratic race for the Presidential nomination.   What a ride it has been and continues to be.  If you are like me, a Republican and always interested in observing history as it happens, you want this to go on as long as possible. And in order for that to happen we need at least a split victory tomorrow.  Fortunately that is looking pretty good.

The most ideal situation would be Hillary blowing out Barack in Indiana, by at least 10 points.  Then have Barack just barely beat Hillary in North Carolina by 1-4 points.   This would continue the rhetoric of late that Barack is choking, thus keeping Hillary in the race, all the while still ensuring that Barack is the most likely nominee.

As long as Hillary thinks there is a chance on earth for her to get the nomination she will stay in.  And because Barack has the easiest path to the nomination there is no way he will drop out before convention.  And convention is what we want.

Sure, having the democratic race go to convention is great for Republicans because it keeps the dems attacking each other and allows the GOP candidate, John McCain (ugh!), to keep his shirt clean and promote a positive message without being attacked by the left.  But that is only a small benefit to me, for I don’t even know if I will vote for McCain in November (don’t worry I am not voting for Barack no matter what!).

The primary reason I want this to go to convention is to witness history. Because of how the nomination process now occurs, this is likely our one and only chance to witness a meaningful convention!  Who wants to miss out on that?  Not I.   If the Dem convention actually means something this year I will tune in and be glued to the TV, I may skip work to watch it.  If it doesn’t go to convention, I won’t watch 30 seconds of it.  So please, please Indiana and North Carolina, keep the dream alive.  Help we American witness history, we will likely never have another chance.


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One response to “Pray for a NC, IN Split for the Dems

  1. I think a split is exactly what we will get.

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