Can’t Bush Be Given at Least a Little Credit?

Christiane Amanpour and her CNN cohorts released a report about North Korea’s nuclear program on Monday.  They were given a tour of a known nuclear powerplant that North Korea admits they were using to build a nuclear bomb.  Today that plant is empty and desolate but Amanpour rather than giving any credit to the Bush administration and their handling of the situation, simply decided to make fun of the President. Consider the following paragraph:

For a nation President Bush labeled as part of the “axis of evil,” it was not an impressive sight: a dilapidated concrete hulk, built with few resources back in the early ’80s.

Basically, we are supposed to laugh and say, “ha, ha, Bush is an idiot.  He claims they are evil and dangerous but their nuclear plant is empty.  Moron.”

Nevermind the fact that the very next paragraph in the article she acknowldeges this:

But it did produce plutonium, enough to make a few bombs and to test-fire a nuclear weapon 18 months ago.

Hmmm, so 18 months ago that same plant was fully operational and was making bombs, but Bush and his policy get no credit?  So what happened then. Did Kim Jong Il just decide to become a benevolent dicatator and lose his ambition for a nuke for the good of the world?

I doubt it.  In fact Amanpour continues to tell us why North Korea did it:

For all of this, North Korea expected a million tons of heavy fuel oil, a lifting of sanctions and removal from the U.S. list of terrorist sponsors. This has not happened yet, so North Korea has slowed down the disabling process at Yongbyon.

The United States says Pyongyang hasn’t yet fully accounted for its past nuclear activities. However, both sides seem determined to overcome this stumbling block and reach out in other ways, too.

So basically, North Korea decided to dismantle it’s nuclear program because the U.S. and other countries offered benefits.  That sounds an awful lot like it is due to U.S. policy dictated by the Bush administration. 

I find it quite telling that CNN and Amanpour would fail to give Bush any credit for such a turn of events.  I also find it outrageous that every other news source is ignoring this North Korea story, instead they are talking about the NY Philharmonic Orchestra playing in Pyongyang.  This is a major story and a major victory, not just for Bush, but for the U.S. and the world as a whole.  The sad thing is, Clinton’s agreement with NK was a complete failure, but if it were as successful as Bush’s it would have lauded and praised, but simply because it is Bush it is ignored and cast aside.  What a sad state for our society and media. 

As a side note, purely discussing the NK nuclear program, I am still quite skeptical that they have dismanteled their nuclear program.  I am not saying they haven’t, but I would not be the least surprised to find out that they have a secret plant elsewhere.  Also, it is quite possible that now that they have their multiple nukes, they are content and decided to appease the U.S.   I mean, how many nukes do you need to destroy Seoul.  All we have heard about is a plant being dismantled, not about bombs.



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13 responses to “Can’t Bush Be Given at Least a Little Credit?

  1. “They were given a tour of a known nuclear powerplant that North Korea admits they were using to build a nuclear bomb.”

    That quote is 100 percent inaccurate. I watched this piece as well and they admitted that plutonium pulled from the rods could be used for weapons. At no time was there an outright admittance to creating a nuclear bomb at that, or any, nuclear facility in North Korea.

  2. Swint

    Actually it is 100% accurate according to the written report released by CNN, here is a paragraph from CNN’s article:

    And we even were shown the reprocessing plant where plutonium was extracted from the rods, plutonium that was used for nuclear weapons, the chief engineer admitted.

    North Korea’s Chief Engineer admitted that the Plutonium was used for Nuke’s. So either CNN’s article is wrong or the CNN news story was wrong, besides we already know that NK has nukes as they have already tested them.

  3. Swint

    Perhaps I should have used “reprocessing plant” instead of “powerplant”.

  4. I completely agree with you. It will be a cold day in hell before Bush gets credit for anything from the left…

  5. Thanks for clearing that up. I was basing this on the piece showed on Anderson Cooper 360 that night and remembered them asking the engineer if they could be used for weapons and he had said yes, but there was no outright admittance on air. Thank you for bringing this article to my attention in reference to the issue.

  6. I would lean towards the article being incorrect or a bit hazy myself. I believe that if they had someone admitting they used nukes they’d have it on camera considering they were following them everywhere. And I also don’t see them asking “Can we get you on camera with that?” and him saying “No, but you can print it.” So this calls into question a bit of a credibility issue for CNN. (Sorry to detract from your main point, I just found this personally interesting.)

  7. Swint

    I agree with you, it is a bit hazy. It should be noted that the paragraph in the article is a direct quote in that there are no “__” in it. That makes it a bit suspect. Thanks for your input, I had forgot to reference the article and your comment reminded me to do so.

  8. After taking a closer look at the article, it seems to go in the same rythm as the newscast, yet where she had asked if the plutonium COULD be used for weapons, and the engineer said yes, they seem to replace it with an outright admittance to creating nuclear bombs. Hazy news reporting from CNN. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone calls them out on this.

  9. Damn the evil liberal media! I want to hear what Bill O’Reilly has to say about this! Where is Fox?! This outrage mustn’t go unpunished!

  10. Haha I highly doubt Fox is going to descredit a story from the left about North Korea having Nukes 😛


    Decided to write an article on the decrepency, Comment/digg as you please 😀

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