My Obamania is Over

Well, not that I was ever an Obama supporter, but I certainly considered voting for him over McCain, especially if Huckabee were on the ticket.  However, now that I am actually looking at what Obama stands for and what he believes, any interest I had in him has completely dissolved. 

Sure, Obama is charismatic, a good speaker, and seemingly a good person but I need more than that.  Last week I discovered his, if not support, indifference for partial birth abortion something that is absolutely unacceptable.   Now, this morning I read an article by David Frum published by the National Post titled Hillary Has a Point.    This article mentions some troubling things about Barack that further diminishes him and potentially makes him my third choice behind both McCain and Hillary (How can that be?!).

The first thing that sticks out to me is that Obama has pledged unconditional and immediate withdrawal from Iraq.  While I don’t believe he would actually be stupid enough to carry out such a pledge, it is still worrying.   Remember, conservatives demanded pledges from candidates regarding taxes and abortion, people take these things seriously.  With such a pledge, if Obama were to win the Presidency and then four years from now we still have a presence in Iraq his supporters are going to be up in arms and may likely revolt.  It could be comparable to Bush 41’s “read my lips” debacle.    Frum goes on to say that Hillary has “given every indication of being a more responsible commander-in-chief than Obama.”

Further, Obama has agreed to meet with such despotic leaders as Ahmadi-Nejad, Chavez, and Castro (Raul version).  And while I certainly think that our foreign policy can almost be childish regarding whom we will and will not talk to, these talks certainly should not be done without conditions and should not be openly encouraged. 

Obama has consistently demonstrated his weakness and a lack of judgement with foreign policy.  Perhaps he and Ron Paul should hook up.   I still have a lot to learn about each of the three candidates still remaining, but I will be honest, if I didn’t already know Hillary and know of her character (or lack thereof) and just went solely on her campaign rhetoric, she would be right up there with McCain on whom I would support in November.  However, she lost me well before the campaigning began, she is a bad person.  I don’t care how much I may agree with a person’s policies, character and honesty goes a long way and are essential for my vote.  

So while it appears that Obama is tops for character and integrity (but what do I know), he is third on policy and ideas.  So apparently my only option left is a “hold-nose” vote for McCain, but I don’t know if I can do it.  I may not be voting for President this cycle or will write in Mitt just for fun.

P.S.  Zen, it is time for you to stop your silly support for Obama :).


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One response to “My Obamania is Over

  1. rationalzen

    Are you kidding me? Hillary not liking him is enough for me to vote for him!

    Just kidding, I don’t have any vitriol towards Hillary as others do, I just think she’s unfit to be POTUS. One, she’s got no backbone. She sways to and fro with the winds of public perception, not a good trait for a leader of the free world. Two, nobody really knows which Hillary we’ll get in the white house. Will she revert to her old liberal/feminist ways, or have the last several “moderate” years been the “new hillary”, rather than a political shift to poise herself for a run at the presidency (sort of like her move to New York to run for office). I argue it’s the latter, therefore won’t support her on that note.

    Then we have McCain. I have no doubt that McCain will envelop himself in war as a president, he’s still got a chip on his shoulder from that whole POW thing. I think that could be the worst case scenario for those that have volunteered to serve as I did, we don’t have the resources to do what I think he would (go after others, Iran for example). I could be way off on that one, but his social liberalism aside I worry what decisions he would make as the Commander in Chief.

    On to the socially liberal Obama. I have already commented on his liberalness, luckily I don’t believe that one man in the office of the presidency can hugely affect the values and overall life of the American people. After eight years of Bush are we more of a conservative nation? After four years of Obama I don’t believe that we’ll be more of a liberal one either. Personally I support withdrawing our troops quickly from Iraq. I also could support withdrawing our troops from Iraq in an expedient manner, with conditions. Condition number one, is that we can refine our own oil temporarily (5-7 years) while we legislate a move away from the combustible engine as fuel. That would be a condition, because dependence on oil is the one lifeline the middle eastern countries have in trying to get us to tolerate their hatred of the Western world. If they can’t hold oil over our heads what have they got? So if one of the consequences of moving our troops out is technological advancement, I’d support it. We can help them from afar, but at some point we have to cut the cord.

    All in all, come November I predict I will be abstaining. As we get closer to the election more details will have to come out about some of their policies and plans, that is if they want to get elected (John Kerry and Fred Thompson didn’t learn that lesson). Once the details come out, I’m sure I’ll be equally disgusted with all the candidates to the point where I won’t waste my energy giving any one of them a vote. That is unless, Bloomberg makes a surprise move.

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