Mitt to Endorse McCain

Mitt Romney is set to endorse John McCain later today.   I can’t say that I am either disappointed or happy about it.  I am more indifferent, except for that fact that it makes me respect Mitt even more, he was man enough to put aside the vast differences and the hostile rancor that occurred between the two men in the campaign and do what he thinks best for the entire country. 

Mitt also is releasing his delegates and asking that they be allotted to McCain, if they all do indeed go there, McCain will only be 78 delegates shy (depending on whose count you go by) of the nomination. 

So a couple of personal thoughts about this, first as I mentioned above, it shows how much of an honorable man Mitt is.  I hate to be cynical (not really), but I highly doubt that McCain would ever have endorsed Mitt if the situation was reversed.  Even if Mitt were the only candidate left, I think McCain would have kept quiet.   McCain is a stubborn and bitter man (but that doesn’t disqualify him from being President).   So while Mitt is man enough to endorse McCain for the good of the Party, I am not there yet, I almost think a McCain loss will be better for the country and the party in the long run; but we will see how things progress as we get closer to November.

The second thing is why I am happy about this endorsement…it didn’t go to Huckabee.  If Mitt had endorsed Huckabee, I could have lost all respect for him.  Huckabee is so vastly underqualified and unacceptable, that I would have been completely baffled by such a move.  So while I am not thrilled with McCain as our standard-bearer, he is a far sight better than Huck. 

I also understand why Mitt is doing it.  It will keep his name in the news and will further make him appear to be the 2012 front runner should McCain lose.  Also, in the event that Huckabee was planning to drop out today (which I doubt), Mitt stole some of that thunder (I doubt this had any effect on Mitt’s decision, but hence is my despisal for Huckabee; I wish it were so.).

So more power to you Mitt, keep making wise political decisions and setting yourself up for 12 or 16.  We need ya.



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2 responses to “Mitt to Endorse McCain

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  2. Ya, I think that Romney knows that holding out would only drive a bigger wedge in the GOP and keep the preparation for opposing the Demo’s from coming together.

    Huck is looking more nuttier by the day, after losing the Potamic Primaries, he should have dropped out of the race, he is becoming his own worst enemy now because he is always going to have this hanging over his head. He should be more of a leader and speak toward debate within the party besides just ‘sticking it out’ now that it is impossible for him to win unless McCain bites the big one.

    I know that the Demo’s race will be nasty and devisive, they will do all the dirty work for McCain over the next two weeks, pointing out each others weaknesses and lack of experience.

    I’ve not been a McCain supporter at any time in this election cycle and still root for Romney for a future canidate position, but McCain is all we got for now, so we have to be involved in the future of this country and stay on his case for Conservative values.

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