Is a Democrat Win in ’08 the Best Outcome for the GOP?

As a life-long Republican, I have often sworn that I would never vote for a Democrat under any circumstances.  However, now I am starting to re-think that position.   You see, the GOP nominated (or is close to nominating) John McCain to be the party standard bearer, and it seems to me that a victory in ’08 for McCain would do more harm than good for the party. 

John McCain has been moving to the left ideologically since the 80’s.  Back in his early days with the Party, he was a consistent conservative, but today his is spotty at best.  So what does the party want?  A President from their party who will essentially push for the same legislation as Hillary Clinton; legislation that they will have to be grudgingly pass?  Or do they want a Democratic President pushing that same legislation and be able to fight it and defeat it and establish itself as the standard for conservative values, families, and capitolist economics?  I would submit that the latter is the best outcome.  

As I mentioned in a previous piece, when I look at what a McCain presidency would look like, I see more war, a bad economy, and a government that maintaines the current level of inefficiency and ineptitude.   It is not that I think McCain is a bad guy, has terrible ideas, or would even be a bad President, it is that McCain would be mediocre at best; he would be no better than previous no-name Presidents that we can’t remember like Franklin Pierce or Calvin Coolidge.   Well, I am no fan of mediocrity, let the Democrats produce mediocre Presidents like Carter and Clinton.  The GOP needs to stand excellence and only accept excellence, but like they did with Bob Dole, they have chosen to throw in the towel, to pick the “next” guy, instead of the best guy. 

Thus, I am convinced (as of now) that the best thing for the GOP is to have Hillary or Barack win in November as difficult as that may be to accept.  McCain will not excite anyone and will do nothing to build the Party, while a Hillary or Barack presidency will remind Republicans why they are Republican in the first place.   A Democrat in the White House will rile the base so much, that in 2012 the Republicans will (hopefully) be smart enough to nominate a the best person, not just the next guy on the block (although both of those could be the same person, Mitt Romney).   So as of now, I say full speed ahead for the Democrats, I will not cast a vote for you in November, but that does not mean I will cast a vote for McCain either. 

So you McCainiacs or even just Conservatives and Republicans who vehemently disagree with me have a lot of convincing to do between now and November; get crackin.  And let your boy McCain know that Huckabee is a deal breaker as a running mate.  I want Huck nowhere near the White House.   If he is on the ticket, I may well end up actually casting my vote for the Democrat. 



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2 responses to “Is a Democrat Win in ’08 the Best Outcome for the GOP?

  1. Shouldn’t the point be progress, not victory? I personally don’t think it matters what’s best for the party, but rather what’s best for the country. In my opinion, that has generally been the GOP, but not always.

  2. Adam S

    Seriously Swint? Obama or Hillary most certainly would not be better for the party or the nation. Pair a Dem president with a Dem Congress and we may be in for a swift ride towards socialism (especially if Obama’s in there–he’s scary liberal). It’ll be all the GOP can do in 2012 to make up ground, let alone take control and turn things around. No, at the very least we should be plugging our noses and voting for McCain.

    I should note, however, that I agree with you 100% on your Huckbee stance.

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