Mitt’s Out, What now?

What a fun and exciting Presidential campaign this has been.  The GOP had a solid group of strong candidates running for the nomination this year. For me Mitt Romney was the best candidate for President in a long time, he just wasn’t able to pull it through.  When I started this blog I did not intend it to be as Mitt and election heavy as it ended up being.  Now that Mitt is out I have two questions that need to be answered: Where does Mitt go from here?  Where does this blog from here.

Well, the first question is the more difficult one.  Mitt is going to stay involved in politics in some way or another and I ultimately think that he will run again in 2012 if a Democrat wins the Presidency.  Between now and then I could see Mitt becoming head of the RNC or going to work for a conservative think tank.  But most importantly, he will devote a lot of time to his family.  Undoubtedly, he missed a lot with them over the last year and a half, he will want to make that up. 

So where does Dry Fly go.  Well, we are going back to the original idea for this site in the first place, with a few modifications.  One thing I learned working on this blog was that people don’t care about non-U.S. issues, not one bit.  However, that is where my passion lies, I love international affairs and politics, so I am going to write about issues of great importance or that are just interesting that are international in nature.  Also, I am going to follow closely the Presidential race, but I am not endorsing a candidate yet.  Obviously, I lean towards McCain, but he has a lot of convincing to do and some will depend on his running mate (it better not be Huckabee!).   Finally, we will write about general U.S. political issues.   The hope is that it will continue to be a place where those of you who check it out regularly will continue to come and also that we will provide interesting writing on a variety of subjects.  To this end, I am looking for 2-4 more people who would be interested in blogging here.  If you are interested in what it entails, email me at and send along a writing sample.

One more thing, we will keep you up to date on Mitt and his doings, especially if he stays involved in politics.  Personally, I am praying that he runs in 2012. (By the way, you don’t need to be a Mitt fan to blog here. I am taking down the Mitt banner next week, I am keeping it up through the weekend as my own personal tribute).


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3 responses to “Mitt’s Out, What now?

  1. Lawrence J Madden

    Where to go from here? some say unite behind McCain, and support the Republican party. I am not one of them. I have too many times supported a liberal like Arline Specter or John McCain for the sake of a faltering party. It did not result in the betterment of the party or advance the conservative cause. To Para phrase Ron Reagen I am not leaving the Republican party it is leaving me. If McCain is elected president chances are congress will move further left if a Dem is elected it will shift closer to the center possibly even move to the right. Conservatives should not sit out this election but instead find a third party alternative we will not win the election but we will win the respect of the RNC. George Bush a social liberal has low ratings congress is even lower. the grass roots campaign should be to remove all incumbents. republican and democrat’s alike. Just think about it congress is split in the middle if every incumbent was replaced their would be no difference in the balance of power with the exception every member of congress would be fear full of losing his or her job.
    what a wonderfull world it would be.

  2. I do not think that McCain will pick Huckabee for VP, he will pick someone that is close to him and has supported him,

    it’s obvious that after Florida any and everyone jumped on the McCain train to fight for the slot of VP.
    I guess he’ll pick a Republican, but even though I’m told it’s a bad idea, I still think that Joe Liberman will be the VP. I just have a feeling that it will be him.

  3. Thank God that money whoring, war mongering, hate filled Bush wanna-be is out. I really thought people had lost their minds.

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