Super Tuesday: Don’t Vote for Huckabee

Well, I am not one to tell people how to vote, I certainly will encourge and tout my candidate in the hope that you will vote for that person, but I try to stay away from telling people whom they need to vote for.  So I will stick to that today and instead say tell you whom not to vote for: Mike Huckabee.

Now it is no secret to many that I have a lot of bitter feelings about Huckabee, I think he is slimy and dirty.  I also think that the only reason he is still in the race is to ensure that Mitt does not win.  Disappointing.  I wouldn’t bother me that he were in, if he actually gave of the impression that he thinks he had a shot to win, that is fine.  But it is apparent that he is only in to draw votes away from Mitt in order to prop McCain up, but he won’t admit it.  The ethical move to make would be to drop out and endorse McCain and campaign for McCain, that is honorable. 

But that is hardly the real reason to not vote for Huckabee, that is just my own personal beef I have with Huck.  The reason that you (especially those in the South) should not vote for Huckabee is that he can’t win. Period.   Why are you going to waste your vote a guy who can’t win the nomination, and even if he did win the nom, would get completely destroyed in the general election?  Added to this is the fact that the GOP race is down to two people, John McCain and Mitt Romney.  If your second choice behind Huckabee is Mitt Romney, then your vote for Huckabee is poorly cast, for any vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain.   So I would urge you to greatly consider the ramifications of your vote, especially if you live in Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, or Missouri.   If you are turned off to McCain because of his fairly liberal tendencies, a vote for Huckabee there could be the determining factor is such close races. 

Now if your second choice is McCain, cast your vote for him rather than Huckabee.   It is much healthier for the party to be down to two people, the less votes Huckabee gets, the more likely it is that he drops out and that is good for the GOP.  So please, let’s keep this at a two person race and get rid of the candidates that have no shot whatsoever.



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5 responses to “Super Tuesday: Don’t Vote for Huckabee

  1. rationalzen

    I just went to’s election 2008 coverage.

    There are four photos available in a slide show on their front page, in order:

    John McCain talking to his supporters, stern face.
    Hillary Clinton with a bright colored outfit, smiling big.
    Barack Obama looking pensive with a mic in his hand.
    Two random people casting ballots in Indonesia.

    Media slant? Too bad US Americans buy into this garbage and it actually affects their decision making, like such as……..

  2. liz

    Not to mention Huckbee is grossly unqualified. He would embarrass America on a daily basis, much like he does now.

  3. Cassidy Spencer

    Hmm…grossly unqualified? That’s one I haven’t heard yet.

    Mike Huckabee is in face the only candidate who has a chance at winning in the General Election. John McCain and Mitt Romney are battling and winning states such as California, New York, New Hamshire, New Jersey…all states that are going to be won by the Democratic nominee in November. The southern support, the true conservatives, are backing Huckabee! And honestly, he’d have this thing…hands down…if it weren’t for the lies about his inability to win. Such as you have proclaimed here.

    So please, keep the integrity that you had your first sentence, “Well, I am not one to tell people how to vote,” and I’ll keep mine.

  4. rationalzen

    “The southern support, the true conservatives, are backing Huckabee!”

    That is the very reason he has no chance to win.

  5. They are the religious voters who want to vote with their religious views or people that hate Romney because of his money.

    He’s been attacking Romney the whole time, and hasn’t beat him on any issues…I feel sad that the southern vote is being regulated into being a stereotype slot again.

    I really expected a better election and process then what we have here. This is really hurting the GOP and it will not win in the General Election. This is not making anyone happy.

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