Huckabee loses, then wins W. Virginia

Mike Huckabee won West Virginia on the backs of 2nd choice voters.  In WV the winner must accumulate 50% of the vote, if no candidate has that after the first round, the lowest vote getter is dropped, and they vote again.  So after the first round, Mitt had a 41-32% lead over Huckabee, with McCain at 16%, and Paul at 10%.  So they went to the second round, apparently the McCain campaign contacted their delegates and told them to all vote for Huckabee to ensure that Mitt did not get the win.  The final results were 52-48% for Huckabee. 

How I despise Huckabee, especially the Huckabee-McCain alliance.  The funny thing is, McCain is just going to stab Huck in the back by not choosing him for the Veep slot, that is the only reason Huck is still in the race.  However, if it does end up a McCain/Huckabee ticket, there is no way on earth I am voting for McCain. Period.  It is getting to the point that I am so disgusted with McCain that I will have to think long and hard about voting for him anyway, but that is a conversation for another post.



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10 responses to “Huckabee loses, then wins W. Virginia

  1. How sick was that! This is just a glimpse of what life will be like with McCain as President…deals in dark rooms, using people to get what he wants, stabbing his “friends” in the back. Just wrong.

    If McCain wins the Republican nomination I will vote for Obama. Unless Hillary wins. In which case I won’t vote for anyone unless Ron Paul is some how still in it.

  2. either McCain or Huck couldn’t beat Romney on the Issues so I they’ve teamed up to beat him together by the votes….I guess that is what we get for having this screwed up election process.

    I think if it was a national primary all at once and then a run-off for the two highest vote getters…..that would be a much better process of how to pick a nominee.

    Now it’s just a contest of who can stay in the longest and get the most endorsements and popularity….the national Primary will definitely produce off the wall canidates.

  3. Doesn’t look good early on for Romney…Huckabee’s presence has been splitting the conservative votes while McCain has been getting the majority of moderates.

  4. Jess

    Brother, I’m starting to feel bad for Romney. Huck really is a joke, and McCain is a bully. Sure, Romney is stiff and appears at times to be nothing more than the shiniest car on the lot, but there is no (!) way the votes should be going like they are today.

  5. Oh how I despise Huckster too. Last night I posted a snarky post on but went back almost immediately and deleted it. I decided I want to sleep on these thoughts for a few days.

    I’ve slept on it one day, and I still feel the same way. I’m going to call it. Huckster has effectively delivered the country to a democratic ticket in 2008, and with it 2 or 3 supreme court justices.

    Every time I hear a republican complaining about health care, or social security, or the trade deficit, or the declining dollar I’m going to tell them to complain to all the rural voters who delivered these states for Huckster. Upset about your jobs leaving the country? Call 1-800-Hukster Maybe he’ll ‘stimulate’ your rural economy by building a road through it.

    In the future, every time I hear a Christian complaining about the lack of righteous judges on the bench, I’m going to remind them that it was their church leadership that preached how Mormonism is a cult which precluded Mitt Romney winning the nomination because the rural areas couldn’t get past that idea.

    This is a bitter irony here. People vote Huckster because he’s one of them, but he’s CAUSING these events. Ask one of these voters if they want Hillary or Barack as POTUS. They’ll say no, they definitely don’t want it. Why are you voting for Huckster? Because he is a man of faith. He has good values. And Huckster delivered the presidency into the hands of Hillary or Barack. It’s a done deal folks.

  6. rationalzen

    Start campaigning for Obama now, otherwise we’re in real trouble.

  7. Joel Cannon

    I have lost all confidence in the Republican party – to the extent that I would seriously consider not only voting for an independent, but voting for a Democrat (and considering my options there – it should show how disappointed I am with my party to select a reasonable nominee).

    I want to thank Steve for the wonderful blog, my favorite political blog. I share your pain.

  8. The last person I want to see as POTUS is McCain. I hate to say it, but if Romney drops out now and “endorses” Huckabee, is there any chance that Huckabee can win the nomination? Or would Romney’s voters start drifting toward McCain?

  9. ama49

    This is huge!

    If you consider yourself a conservative Christian and you want someone with conservative values in the White House you must vote for Romney. Dr Dobson said in a statement yesterday that a vote for Huckabee is essentially a vote for McCain and if McCain wins the nomination he won’t vote.

    Listen to his statment:

    Now pass this information on to your fellow Christian friends.

  10. Mitt Romney is the overall American ideal guy.

    Sucessful business man, great family life, drives a Ford Mustang, Religious, public servant.

    I think that this is not the end of the Romney campaigns either now or in the future, but the Republicans have been more worried about beating the Clinton/Obama Demo’s then taking care of the their own voters.

    We don’t want the ideas and issues of the Demo’s like McCain is going to give us. Unless the Conservatives do so might good ground work, we will have to deal with all the Liberal Issues no matter what party wins the White House in 2008.

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