The Future of the GOP Race

Well, Florida did not turn out as I had hoped.  For some reason Floridians were duped into thinking that McCain would make the best President.  That is their right and congrats to McCain on his victory.  I will say that I can live with a McCain nomination, more so than a Giuliani or Huckabee one, but he has a lot of convincing to do if he wants me to vote for him in the general.  I just don’t know what kind of job he would actually do as President, I am very concerned about his temperament, especially considering it will be his finger on the button (see my last post regarding a McCain Presidency).

It appears to me that now McCain is all but a shoe in for the GOP.   I am not saying that I have lost favor for Romney, but I am being a realist.  However, all is not lost for the Romney camp or conservative Americans.  It is blatantly clear, hopefully to everyone, that the only candidate that has a remote chance of knocking off McCain in the primaries is Romney.  Huckabee has not shot.  It is also abundantly clear that McCain is loathed by a significant portion of the GOP electorate.  So conservatives should rally behind Mitt and push him through to be McCain.  There are enough of them in the GOP to do this. 

Also, Mitt has the money to compete in more states and places than McCain on Super Tuesday.  Next week, Mitt will Utah, Colorado, and Massachusetts guaranteed.  He also has a good shot to win California.  That is a must win.  Mitt MUST win California.  He also needs to do some campaigning in Minnesota and Illinois, maybe even Missouri.  Those states should be fairly Romney friendly. 

Additionally, Mitt can win in the South, though it will be tough.  He won the evangelical vote in Florida, so it shows that Huckabee is not invincible there.  He just received the backing of a majority of Tennessee legislators.  He may be able to pull a couple of those into his camp. 

The biggest problem is Huckabee, Huckabee will stay in as long as Mitt is remotely viable, because he knows he hurts Mitt.  If Huck were out of the race, like he should be, Mitt would have a much better shot.  Mitt would destroy McCain in a two man race.  Man, I hate Huckabee (at least politically). 

Further, and in a different Region, Mitt can probably win Alaska if he made on short trip up there for a couple hours, they would be thrilled that a candidate remembered them.

Of course all of this is going to be extremely difficult and is highly unlikely, but it can be done and we need to work to make it happen, a lot of people are turned off to McCain and Mitt is our only hope to knock him out.



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6 responses to “The Future of the GOP Race

  1. OK Folks Its Time for Less Crying & More Trying. Heres what we need to do to counter the Boost McCain will get from Florida & Rudy’s dropping out. Please take not only the time to read this but to actually take the actions to get involved.

    Hi Folks, Time to get the Grassroots growing!!

    1st – Have you educated yourself on Mitt visit Mitts site
    get on baord, get the campaign alerts! If you can Afford to make a donation twoards Mitts Campaign please give the campaign a boost.
    Also check out the Blogs like ULTIMITT, PlanetRomney and CoMITTedtoRomney and get the latest on whats going on. (I am posting as Hooligan over there as well, so feel free to say Hi, if your on the boards!)

    2nd – Have you talked to your friends & family about Mitt? I have been handing the following out, & sending this as a link its Very Informative for those that do not know much about Mitt.

    Also try to get together with friends for the Debates, Mitt Hit the ball out of the Park on the last Debate on Economy Issues… No-one is Stronger than Mitt on either ticket for “08″ a point you can use for any Democrat friends you may have. Mitt is the Man to fix D.C. and get our economy back on track!!

    3rd – Have you put a Mitt “08″ yard sign out yet? its Free advertising for the campaign!! Get the word out that Mitt has support in PA (for a challenge get other folks to get them out there as well!)

    4th- have you put a bumper sticker for Mitt on you vehicle yet? Again Free advertising for the campaign!! let that bored driver in traffic behind you see where your support is.

    5th Get yourself into some Mitt Gear , wear it when your out and about shopping, at your kids sporting events etc. This gets you into conversations where you can win over further support for Mitt!

    6th – Bring other folks by the site here lets use it as a springboard!! Let get some bounce here for Mitt!!


    We Need to get active NOW (it took me 5 days regular shipping to get my gear so do not procrastinate if you want your stuff before Super Tuesday)

    I for one do not want to see our party go in a liberal / moderate direction the time is now to step it up my friends so lets give Mittt’s Campaign a “Surge” of ground support and lets get it going now!!

    If you have any other ideas, or comments please feel free to visit or submit comments at

    Thanks a lot!!!

  2. I think it’s a possibility that the Republicans need John McCain to be the nominee to understand how things in this country are changing.

    Yes he will be a disaster, yes a McCain presidency guarantees a democratic president in 2012, perhaps that’s what the party needs to have happen in order to understand that they have allowed the “evangelical right” to hijack the party.

  3. Chin up, Swint. Romney can still pull this one out.

  4. Swint


    I think you are right and wrong. I think you are right that the GOP may need a McCain nomination like you said, but I think the GOP would be better served by losing in November, especially to Hillary. This would rally the GOP and force us to reevaluate for 2012, in which case Mitt, if he ran, would be considered the natural choice of the GOP, much like McCain was this past season.

  5. I think that McCain is running on name recogonition and electibility polls. I am not sure if anyone in Florida voted on any issues. I think it was a big case of identity politics.
    With a large elderly and military population, it was sure to swing strong for McCain.
    I think that Romney did a good job with that last election and I can’t wait to see what he does tonight, Romney did win some of the religious votes, I guess that was the Thompson voters that went to the Romney camp.
    It looks like Thompson still got 22,000+ votes, Romney could’ve used them and would have benefited in Rudy not being there at all, what a deadweight. I hope Rudy doesn’t ever try to be President again!
    We should demand a term limit for Congressman and Senators….we have to stop them having a stranglehold on Washington.

  6. WarDog

    Yogi Berra – “It ain’t over ’till it’s over.” I see no fat lady; I hear no singing. Fight on!

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