So Much for the Straight-Talk Express

Over the last week John McCain has lied twice about two significant issues, the first is about his comment that he knows less about the economy than other issues. The second was a blatant out and out lie claiming that Mitt Romney supported a timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq.

The economy issue is one that he could have easily avoided looking like a fool on, it was a tough spot to be in, but there had to be a better way to work his way around that question without blatantly lying to the American people. Here is a creative video of McCain vs Mitt on economics that highlights McCains lie.


The more disturbing issue is that McCain claimed that Mitt supported a timetable for troop withdrawal in Iraq. Romney never did anything of the sort. What Mitt said was that there should be timetables and benchmarks established for progress and goals within both Iraq’s political and security structure. Basically, Mitt was simply following what anyone does who sets goals, they determine a time for which it is expected to be fulfilled. This is hardly a timetable for pulling out of Iraq, like McCain claimed. So after Mitt called McCain out for lying and asked for an apology, McCain did what he does best, plays the “defending the troops” card and said that he would not apologize but in fact Mitt should apologize for letting down our troops and military. Fortunately, some of the MSM, who has been all ga-ga over McCain for the last two months are finally critizicing him for this latest falsehood:


What is the most frustrating about this is that McCain has run his campaign claiming to be the honest politician, the one with the straight talk. McCain has criticized Mitt for running a negative campaign far more than any other pol out there, despite the fact that all Mitt has done is run policy comparative ads stating the opponents position. At no time has Mitt lied about McCain (or Huckabee’s) positions, nor has Mitt attacked either of them personally. On the other hand, McCain continually lies about Mitt and attacks him personally, such as when he called Mitt a pig back in New Hampshire. Yet the media conveniently ignores those attacks, and buys the “Mitt is negative” propaganda hook, line, and sinker. It is disgusting.

A McCain victory in Florida and for the GOP nomination would only validate the inherent strength of the Media. His whole resurgence was media made and the American people are sheep for buying into it. No candidate has had to endure the attacks and adversity that Mitt has had to in this Presidential cycle, yet he is one of the two finalists for the GOP nod. If Mitt wins the nom, it will be with no thanks to anyone besides himself and his campaign.

Shame on McCain.




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3 responses to “So Much for the Straight-Talk Express

  1. As a Veteran of Korea, & VietNam I would like to suggest Mr Bush after completing his tour at the white house be forced to build a new Military Hospital, A new National Cemetary, And a Retirement Home for Veterans All on The Bush ranch in Crawford, Tex. Lets help him be a War President . Give him some memories,Like a field of white cross’s . A hospital with a Dick Chenny Ward for all the gunshot victims . A Rumsfield Ward for the mental case’s . VETS DON’T NEED Library’s

  2. McCain:

    Americans vote just to beat the Demo’s with a Moderate canidate…..what’s the difference?

    evil laugh

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