The Strength of Mitt as a Candidate

If one looks at the adversity that Mitt Romney has had to endure up to this point in the campaign, it is really quite astounding that he is doing so well in the GOP race. Consider the following:

1. Every major GOP candidate has been the media darling except Mitt. Giuliani was propped up by the media last summer, Thompson in the early fall, Huckabee in December, and then McCain from January until now. In each of those ‘movements’ the countervailing force was Mitt Romney.

2. The MSM dislikes Mitt and loves McCain. Rarely do we hear any positive news or opinion about Mitt. This following clip from Mornings with Joe on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough calls out the MSM for their treatment of Mitt. Notice a couple of things, first the lady that Joe is interviewing does not deny that there is a media bias. Second, notice that she buys the ‘flip-flopping’ image hook, line, and sinker without pointing out that McCain has been just as ingenuous on immigration and tax reform. Third, Scarborough makes a very compelling case that there is indeed this bias and uses real examples as evidence rather than shallow rhetoric. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. (H/T Race42008)

3. McCain and Huckabee can’t stand Mitt and are in obvious collusion to take him down. Did any of you see the wink that Huck threw McCain during the first of the two New Hampshire debates before the primary? This brings me back to media coverage, we always hear about Mitt “going negative” yet, among the three of them, Mitt is the only one who has not thrown personal attacks and the media conveniently fails to point out that McCain was airing negative ads against Mitt in NH as well. Further, Rudy and Thompson have had a history of attacking Mitt, all the while letting McCain slide by, although their actions have been quite mild.

So it appears to me that Mitt has everyone other than conservative talk radio against him. It is most impressive that he is maintaining his strong position while most of the other candidates and the media are ganging up on him. I am certain that McCain and Huckabee can’t stand Mitt and that is the reason they attack him and I think the reason the MSM is always on the attack against Mitt or simply downplays things that go well for him is because they view him as the toughest general election candidate, despite current poll numbers that mean absolutely nothing. If Mitt can withstand this full frontal assault and win the GOP nomination, it will show tremedous ability and savvy. It will only strengthen Mitt as a candidate and should strike fear in the Democrats. It is always a wise decision for we conservatives to back the candidate that the media despises the most, remember 9 in 10 of them are Dems, so if they are pushing one of our guys, that must not be a good thing.



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10 responses to “The Strength of Mitt as a Candidate

  1. Jim

    Joe was dead on with his assessment,he did not make a lot of friends with his honesty, but I would like to say Thank You for setting the record straight.
    Also I would like to point out if anyone has been paying attention,The pollsters have also been obviously bias. Look at RCP, Rasmussen, and the others and you can see the trend like clockwork. If someone besides Mitt is leading it is all over all networks and internet, but as in Michigan the polls are slow and there are no polls that will show Mitt in the lead. As in Florida all the polls keep saying Mccain is in the lead, which should say that Mitt Romney is in the lead by probably 8 points? and the MSM keeps talking about New York, I thought Florida was next,they will try to suppress the fact that Mitt is leading and gaining ground in Florida. The MSM is waiting for the debate on Thursday to try and help Mccain take down Mitt in Florida. What kind of debate will they have if Mitt could not make it?
    Just one word to MSM Most Americans are smarter than you think and you will just continue to loose viewers with your dishonest,phony,lack of integrity,and liberal agendas. Mitt will win like it or not.
    Go MITT

  2. Swint

    I think Florida is really fluid. I think McCain and Mitt are neck and neck with Rudy a very close third. I doubt the polls and RCP are blatantly disingenuous. Although, the media is. But to give some credit, Hannity (whom I can’t stand) did point out the Rasmussen poll that had Mitt up by 5.

  3. Samuel

    Great article that sums up why the MSM and other candidates seem to dislike Mitt so much from the American Thinker…

  4. nearlynormalized

    Please, The Mitt Man can outspend anybody except Blumberg…What a dance he does, get real, he is full of shi.!!!

  5. Excellent analysis.

    I think your right on the money

    Go Mitt Go!

  6. Michael

    The greatest attribute of Mitt is that he refuses to criticize the MSM for their unfair coverage. THe guy has incredible self-control and a true presidential demeanor. He gets back at the MSM by beating those that they prop up. He will beat Hillary badly, which has been his plan from day 1.

  7. ama49

    Thanks for this information. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s noticing this. I remember thinking after seeing Mitt won Michigan “finally he’ll get some respect.” But he didn’t. In fact they tried to make it appear as if he’d won by being sleezy and pandering, etc.
    All I can say is cross your fingers, pray, and see what happens for Mitt!

  8. I’ve been supporting Mitt for a few months now, and am pleased that he always kept the postive view of his campaign and his message has always been on point.
    Rudy is changing message to counter Romney in Florida and McCain tried it in Michigan. Romney and Huck battled over the economy/tax issue alot during the debates.
    MSNBC today did have a Romney worker on today defending what he did to help Mass. gain back jobs and lower capital gains taxes. MSNBC was trying to stretch the numbers and make it look like Romney didn’t have any impact, when it’s obvious that it isn’t tomorrow that a economy is outstanding from being in the dumps for years.

    Off subject,
    I’m really bewildered about how yesterday the government and Wall Street was in a panic about stocks and we were having emergency interest rate cuts and today the news is talking about pictures of martians all day. What recession, it’s all hysteria.

  9. bethtopaz

    Wow! I watched the whole video and Joe is great, but the woman on the show embodies the problem we have with the msm. Joe called her on it – that she was not read up and hasn’t done her homework.

    She is obviously very uninformed about the real facts about McCain and Mitt.

  10. I think the media is trying to feed off of Romney’s money. Unlike other candidates that never finished their masters degrees, Mitt Romney earned high honors when he graduated. His wealth therefore makes the media force Romney into the position of buying ads. With so much negative coverage against Romney, the MSM forces Romney to purchase ads because that is the only way he can share his message. For instance, all of the Press Conferences that Huckabee had – almost ALWAYS without fail Huckabee’s words were broadcast. But never Mitt Romney, unless he was trying to correct one of the MSM’s own reporters.
    Well, that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

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