It is a great night to be a Mitt Romney fan!  Mitt won the Michigan primary in a hard fight with John McCain tonight.    As of right now (9:30EST) Mitt has a 39% – 30% with a good 20,000+ votes than McCain.    This is a great win and it looks like it will be bigger than expected.

So what do we expect in the future, South Carolina is going to be a tough fight, but I don’t expect Mitt to win there, so no worries.  What I do expect is a top 3 finish, which is going to be easier said than done as there is 4-way race in there.  What I do expect is for this to propel Mitt in Nevada.  If Mitt can win Nevada and finish top-3 in SC, he will be in good shape heading into Florida.  Tonight was a huge night for Mitt and a bad night for McCain, for McCain could have virtually sewn up the nomination with a victory tonight in Michigan.

Now folks, lets get off our duffs and get moving.  Let’s get Mitt victories across the board.  In your respective state start working and in neighboring states go there and work.  (for example, PA doesn’t vote until March or April, but MD is Feb 12, guess where I am going to be working — unofficially by the way).

PS. How about Rudy, likely finishing in 6th again, barely ahead of uncommitted.  While he is not quite dead (I wouldn’t rule anyone out at this point), he is in a bad, bad way.    Although, as I write, Rudy has a tax commercial on Fox News, how about that.



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4 responses to “MITT WINS MICHIGAN!

  1. bethtopaz

    Mitt absolutely ROCKS!!!

    California votes February 5th!

    I will be working for Mitt Romney here!

  2. yeah, wow, and all mitt had to do was spend 25 million dollars…..

  3. I love CNN’s headline on their site:

    “Mitt Romney claimed a much-needed victory in Tuesday’s Michigan Republican primary, making the race for the GOP presidential nomination anybody’s game. The three major GOP contests to date have produced three different winners, and no candidate has demonstrated that he can consistently rally GOP voters.”

    What do you mean no candidate has demonstrated that he can consistently rally GOP voters? Romney has 36 DELEGATES to Huckabizzle and McCain’s 19 a piece. The Clinton News Network sucks.

  4. Celestial7

    Romney has 52 delegates- some states offered unpledged delegates to him… for details… and that’s great news for HIM!

    GO MITT!


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