Michigan Mitt: The Mitt I Like

I have been an ardent supporter of Mitt Romney’s since about January 2007, I started looking at who the candidates were who were running, Rudy seemed appealing, I was already anti-McCain from 2000, and then there was this relative unknown, Mitt Romney.   The first thing that intrigued me about Mitt was that he was Mormon, I obviously liked that. 

Then I learned that Mitt was also a Bishop and a Stake President.  This I liked even more, for if there is one thing I have learned from my time in the Church it is that it takes a special breed to be a Stake President.  In fact every Stake President that I have spent an considerable time with were men of great personal integrity, knowledgeable, and simply someone I wanted to be around.  This also gave me enough evidence to know that Mitt is a good man with strong moral fibers and is honest.   I also knew that he would likely have no skeletons in his closet and would be able to avoid scandal; this is something our country desperately needs. But I was still not 100% sold, what about his experience and policies?

Well, I figured that being a Republican, his policies would likely mirror mine to about 70%, as do pretty well all the other GOP candidates (and I have since learned that Mitt and I mirror on about 90%).  So then it came to experience.  I looked into his background and it is incredible.   Mitt spent his career taking small or failing or inefficient companies with good potential and recreated them to being strong and successful companies.  He is a fixer; he did the same with the olympics.   So his business experience is a huge draw, but the fact that it was spent in the field that it was made the draw even bigger. 

I figured back in early 2007 that Mitt would run on the economy and on his record; which is a winning ticket.   He started off really well doing this, if any of you remember his announcement speech in Michigan last year, you will remember that it focused on change in Washington, his business experience, and his experience as a governor.  But slowly Mitt veered away from  this.

He began to focus on social issues and on becoming a defense hawk; the former is understandable because he recognized that he was running against two social liberals (Rudy and Mac).  But has he ran to the right, he seemed to forget what it was that made him appealing to so many of us.  I think most of us Mitt supporters knew that he would be fine with social issues and with defense, but it was having a person who understood the economy and who understands organizational dynamics in such a manner that would result in a complete gutting of the federal government that set Mitt apart.  The biggest thing that drew me to Mitt was that I knew he would immediately go in, surround himself with brilliant people, and go through the books of the giant federal beauracracy and start cleaning house.  This is what Washington needs; yet he got away from it and it killed him in New Hampshire and Iowa.

Finally, Mitt has started playing from his own playbook and not that of his advisors and is running the correct campaign in Michigan.  This is the campaign he should have been running all along.  This is where his appeal is.   This is the Mitt I love.  If Mitt is smart enough to continue to run on the economy, on business development, job creation, and fixing Washington he will have a great opportunity to win the nomination and to defeat the pessimists of the Democratic party in November.  Mitt Romney is the right man for the job, let us all hope that it is not too little too late.



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12 responses to “Michigan Mitt: The Mitt I Like

  1. I am not Mormon, so can you explain the “Stake President” thing.

    I think Mitt would be a great change agent and superb leader, but whenever I watch him, I feel like he’s a guy I could never get to know; really never know what’s going on beneath the surface. Perhaps the end result of only being able to see him on television.

    I live in Kentucky. Our primary is in mid-May. The faults of our primary system make it such that I will never have a chance to see Romney in person and get beyond the television image.

    All that said, I am swaying toward him.

  2. Sheree

    Mitt became leadership in the chuch because he volunteered for their one world religion agenda.
    And worse.

    The Salt Lake City Olympics was a sham. The bribes of the committee very likely came from people employed by Mitt so he could ride in on his white horse and save the day. This event is what helped to get him elected in MA. It was a sham as far as I am concerned. It’s got his M-O all over it.

  3. Swint

    The LDS Church is organized based up geographic/member population lines. So, unlike many non-denom churches, you don’t choose which congregation to attend, you attend the one within which you reside. These congregations are called Wards (or Branches if there is a really small membership in the region). Each Ward has a Bishop who presides over it.

    A group of 8-14 wards usually consist of a Stake. Stakes are also geographically assigned. For example when I lived in Maryland I was in the Fort Meade Ward, which was in the Annapolis Maryland Stake. A Stake President presides over the stake or the entire region. So I believe that Mitt was the President of the Boston Stake, in which case he would have been the Presiding member of the LDS Church in the Boston area.

    It should also be noted that out East, Stake boudaries are much larger than in Utah, in Utah a stake may simply be a neighborhood or two, it is based upon member population.

    Sheree-Thanks for the laugh.

  4. bethtopaz

    Sheree, did you drink that Huckabee Kool-aid?

    Look, it’s not fatal if you stop drinking it today!

    Huckabee is the one who is trying to ride in on a white horse and make Christianity the one world religion.

    As an evangelical Christian I can assure you that if Huckabee would ever succeed in his desire to bring this nation back to Christ, then no one of any faith is safe — especially Christians.

  5. CDS

    Thanks so much for your insight. I have been a Romney fan for about a year. I, like you, love that he is getting back to the message that made me so excited about his candidacy in the first place. Hopefully the good people of Michigan will keep him alive so that the rest of the country can get to know him and understand why he is running. I firmly believe that he can do what he says he can and fix a broken Washington. He is the only man with the skill set and integrity to do it!

    Mitt in ’08

    P.S. Love all your comments on race42008 as well!

  6. Steve

    Another note on Stake Presidents: They don’t get paid. These are guys who work their regular job and then spend around 25-30 hours per week in unpaid service to the congregations and the community. I’ve never met one who wasn’t completely responsible and interested in helping others.

  7. Akira

    Re: “I learned that Mitt was also a Bishop and a Stake President. This I liked even more, for if there is one thing I have learned from my time in the Church it is that it takes a special breed to be a Stake President. In fact every Stake President that I have spent an considerable time with were men of great personal integrity, knowledgeable, and simply someone I wanted to be around.”

    You should go to Boson and get married..

  8. A word about Huckabee . . . he cannot be maligned as the typical ultra-evangelical, ultra-conservative, Jerry Falwell kind of Baptist or Christian. He may be playing his Christianity to his advantage in his commercials, etc., but HE IS NOT a traditional conservative Christian. He is pro-life, but beyond that many of his stances are quite moderate and not really in keeping with the Reagan-conservative base of the Republican party. I’m not a Huckabee supporter, but if people would look deeper than the fact that he is a Southern Baptist Minister and a Christian, you would see that he just doesn’t totally fit the stereotype.

  9. Lee

    Akira and Sheree, you know not of what you speak. Regardless of what you feel about church doctrine or about political stances, service in the LDS church is a vital way in which its members develop as human beings – in caring for one another, in developing faith in God and in striving to make the world a better place. A stake president is a spiritual leader who strives to bring such progress about in both his own service and in inspiring others to do the same. My respect for Mitt Romney is increased greatly by knowing that he was willing, able and ready to give such service. He was not paid, nor given public glory – it was simply serving God and his fellow men and women.

  10. rationalzen


    The problem isn’t that people aren’t looking at Huckabee deep enough to see who he really is politically.

    People (like me) are turned off by the fact that he is pandering to the ultra-conservative evangelical vote.

  11. CheyennePress

    I’m not a Mormon, but over the years I’ve come to know quite a few. Very rarely am I not impressed. There is a framework built into the LDS church that is very life-fulfilling. You have many people assigned to leadership positions, and their role is to work with others in groups and on a one-on-one basis to ensure the spiritual and religious vitality of the community. It’s very much a community that watches out for the well-being of its own–moreso than any other church I’ve attended.

    I dated a very good Mormon friend of mine but ultimately decided I couldn’t be a Mormon and stepped aside from the relationship. I was very comfortable as a Presbyterian, and I knew where my heart and soul lay. That said, I very much respect the LDS church and think it does a marvelous job bringing fine young men and women into the world.

    If you’re curious to see a bit more of the Bishop Romney, try this link:


    It’s a great story that gives a more personable take on Romney. There are also some videos around the net of Romney with his family, and then you see him out of the suit and far more relaxed. Romney is almost always all-business when you see him on TV. I like that. Love it, frankly. I have no doubts that if you set a guy like that loose on Washington, good things are going to happen.

    Consummate professionals have a way of performing….again and again.

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