It’s Mitt or the Democrat for Colin Cowherd

For those of you whom are big sports fans like myself, ESPN Radio Host Colin Cowherd said on his radio program today that he is voting for Mitt Romney and if he doesn’t win the nomination, he is voting for the Democrat nominee!  (I almost, not quite, but almost feel the same way).  He said this on the last segment of his radio show on Jan 9th.  He added that Huckabee doesn’t do it for him, Amen to that.

Mitt Romney has broad appeal across the moderate and conservative electorate.  What appeals to moderates about Mitt Romney is his vast success in the private sector and that he is by far the best candidate on the economy.

These issues are easily Mitt’s strongest points and for the longest time, I have wondered why Mitt didn’t just base his entire campaign on the Economy, success, and change.  No other candidate has the record of change that Mitt has.  Somehow, Mitt’s advisors were way off and told him to run to the right on social issues and put his focus on that.  Mitt should have been promoting the economy constantly.  I think he now recognizes this and will push hard on these issues.   Mitt is far and away a better candidate than any other GOP candidate; he just needs to show the rest of the country what many of us already know.


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2 responses to “It’s Mitt or the Democrat for Colin Cowherd

  1. Kermit

    I quite agree!!! I feel the same way. If we’re going to have a liberal president – let the Dems get the credit!!! For me, it’s Mitt or Obama.

  2. apr

    I agree. Mitt won as governor because of his success as a businessman. Shannon O’Brien, Massachusetts State Treasurer, who ran on the democratic against Romney had been very lazy in her handling of the state pension. Her death sentence though was that she wanted to give 16 year old girls the right to have an abortion without telling their parents! Even Massachusetts democrats could see that that was a bad idea. I was living in Massachusetts at the time Mitt ran for Governor and he had these wonderful ads using a basset hound to represent the democrats (ie., lazy) they were so funny and effective. He should rehire the firm that did them.

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