It’s ALIVE!! Hillary Returns from the Dead

Being a Mitt Romney supporter, I thought for sure that this morning I would be writing either about a victorious Mitt Romney or another Silver Medal Mitt Romney. But some events are just too incredible to be ignored by writing a piece about a largely expected 2nd place finish for my guy. 

The Hillary Clinton victory last night was nothing short of stunning.   Barack had all the momentum and all the excitement following a big Iowa win.  And as the day progressed and turnout was way larger than expected, it appeared to me and many others that Barack was going to win this thing in a massive landslide, I even thought he could break 50% of the vote.

But Hillary’s machine did the unthinkable.  They worked their tails off and got people out to vote for her.  Some were probably swayed by the tears on Monday, others of her supporters saw that she needed all the help she could get and made sure to get out and vote. It was a really stunning victory.

So what do I take from all this.  I take that GOP is in big, big trouble in November.  Yesterday I was saying that I was torn between the dems because on the one hand continued Hillary loses gets her out of the race and we are done with the Clinton’s forever (what a great day that will be) on the other hand I figured that Obama was the tougher general election candidate and could appeal to more people; thus it was in my interest for Hillary to win the nomination.

Now, I don’t think Obama appeals necessarily to a larger subset, rather I think he appeals more for a different subset.  Obama appeals to the idealist, to the young – i.e. people who don’t vote. Whereas Hillary appeals to the older, career oriented crowds.  People who do vote.  A lot of people who would vote for Hillary due to her experience and her (seemingly, though I don’t buy it) more moderate views would likely consider switching over to a McCain, Romney, or Giuliani in the general if the extremely inexperienced Barack were nominated.

Conversely, Hillary would still get the vast majority of youth voters (because they nearly always vote democratic) that support Obama, her only concern is simply getting them to care enough to actually show up at the polls (which they won’t do).   Additionally, Hillary has the best organization of all the candidates and has nearly all the powers-that-be in DC behind her.  She will be a tough one to beat.

Looking at it this way, if Mitt really wants to be President it may be better for him to finish 2nd in the nomination and run again in 2012.  I still firmly believe that Mitt is the best person to be President, why waste that in an unwinnable year (or so it appears). 


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