About 2 hours to go in NH

Well, folks, we have about two hours until the last of the precincts are scheduled to close in New Hampshire.  All reports are that it has been an historical day with record turn out.  The Barack explosion is continuing, and this may turn out to be good news for Mr. Mitt Romney.  So what are we hearing now?

Not much yet.  Here is some insight from Marc Ambinder:

EXIT POLLS: GOP: 3 in 10 independents are GOP voters…many late deciders… McCain more electable than Romney…33% say economy is biggest issue followed by Iraq (22%) …. Democrats: 46% made up minds without last week.. 4 in 10 are independents…. HRC’s favorability: 73%; Obama’s: 84%; … 36% say economy is top issue….

Basically, so we have 30% of the people that voted GOP are independents.  This is right about the max level that Mitt can survive, however there are some internal reports that I have heard from the Romney camp that indicate that he has closed the indy gap with John McCain.  If this is so, and Mitt can hold onto the GOP base, he has a great shot to win tonight.

I am also hearing that some inside the Romney camp are expecting him to finish betwee 32% and 35%.  Adding that they expect to do no worse than 1.5% behind McCain or as well as +5% over McCain.   If they are right, then there really is little bad news for Mitt tonight, even if he does lose.  Coming in behing 1.5% while on an upswing of momentum should be just fine for him to head into Michigan.

Looking at all the polls from today, I still refuse to concede anything or to get my hopes up, I had a rough enough night last Thursday.  So I personally am keeping expectations as low as possible, but I must admit, that I am cautiously optimistic.  If you are in NH and haven’t voted yet, get out there and vote for Mitt!!!

P.S.  I may be crazy, but I would not be surprised to see Barack over 50% when it is all said and done tonight.  You heard it hear first.



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3 responses to “About 2 hours to go in NH

  1. slivermoon22

    I don’t want to rain on your hopeful parade love, but Romney was done in Iowa. Watch and see.

  2. Michael

    silvermoon22, ummm what???

  3. Carolina

    The way I read that, 30% of Independents voted on the GOP side and the other 70% voted Democrat rather than 30% of GOP votes were Independent.

    Can you recheck your source?

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