Romney Scores with Undecided NH Voters

The last two nights Mitt Romney was the center of attention in the NH GOP debates. On Saturday night, Mitt was attacked on all sides, including personal attacks from both Mike Huckabee and John McCain. What I found most striking was that Mitt knew the issues better than anyone else and refused to lower himself to McCain’s and Huck’s level by not attacking personally. I was impressed as were many casual viewers, but apparently the paid pundits were not.

Last night Mitt won big. He was in his element and scored off the charts with each answer according to the Fox News focus group of undecided NH voters. It helps that Huck bombed on immigration and McCain bombed on taxes. I took great joy watching the debate and following the focus group responses online. It was fantastic. Now the question is, was this weekend enough to propel Mitt over McCain. If not it should.

Here are the videos of the Luntz/Fox News focus group:


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One response to “Romney Scores with Undecided NH Voters

  1. Steve, great blog. Glad I found it.

    That was definitely impressive by Romney, I wish I hadn’t missed the debate. While I’m not decided on which candidate I’ll be voting for, Mitt seems like he’s got his head on straight.

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