McCain on McCain

And you thought only Mitt changed positions! The fact is, all politicians flip-flop, all politicians pander.   For some reason, voters and bloggers put more stock into what is said by a candidate rather than what their past record states. 

Mitt Romney, though unclear on some stated positions, has still only flipped on one issue and that is abortion.  However, he governed as a pro-life governor.   He governed as a conservative, as a Republican, and as a person who successfully worked with the opposition party to accomplish great work.

John McCain, on the other hand, can talk all he wants.  As he does, he continually changes positions, so what about his record?  The fact is, it is less than desirable for much of the GOP electorate.  He supported amnesty for illegal immigrants and was the principle author and promoter of McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform.  While McCain may well be a decent candidate, he is not the agent for change and is not going to improve upon what President Bush has done.  McCain has never led anything, has no executive experience.  He is also far hazier on the issues than Mitt.   McCain would not be a disaster of a President like Fred or Rudy, but why settle for mediocrity with John, when we can have excellence with Mitt?



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3 responses to “McCain on McCain

  1. desur

    Jap, for centuries we knew, that we are lied at by officials and governments. Still it is nice to see, how easy it is these days to uncover these fools..

    ..while it is very sad, knowing that we are ruled by big time idiots.

  2. Mittens Rommell will say and do whatever he has to in order to get elected. Real Americans will not fall for his Cult-beliefs and his fraudulent Conservative views. Rommell must answer for blood-atonement, polygamy, and racial discrimination in the LDS church before he is electable – but that still will not matter.

  3. Perhaps all you say is true. So what? Several things may make those points inop. McCain’s mea culpa on the border was very sweet to hear. He was the first to quiz the DOD about Stay the course and McCain may be the one cat running who if elected would see little value, stability, peace or security in maintaining hot pocket caliphates that lead the world in Foreign Aid, pitiful literacy rates, gender apartheid, tormenting their own people and their neighbors. McCain may be the best guy out there simply because he would not mind (and neither would most Americans) if certain little rats nests suffered regime killing regime changes over along weekend.

    No diss meant – but Wakistan’s recent polit assassination may argue for someone more like McCain with a track record for bypassing partisan paralysis, who knows this awesome 30 years in the future military that only the Great Satan has, and has stared evil in the face.

    True, the guy has baggage. And certainly cases could be made for nearly everyone running. So what? In an of crunked up super villan calphates, WMD – McCain is the cat most likely not to sit about and wait for the carnage to spread.

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