Mitt and Fred Up; Impact on Iowa

Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson were the two obvious winners in the Iowa debate yesterday.  Mitt wins because he had the best answers, was specific, showed Presidential attributes, and differentiated himself from the rest of the competitors.

Fox News Focus Group: Mitt Wins

Fred won because he had solid answers and had the most memorable lines and moments of the debate.  His refusal to raise his hand and not answer the global warming question was priceless.  It will probably help him with the voter too.

Fred’s Memorable Moment:

The rest of the candidates were largely forgettable.   McCain started out well, but as the debate wore on he seemed annoyed or, perhaps, somber.  Every answer showed his age and he talked with a soft and almost reflective manner, that normally wouldn’t bother me, but this is about 4 straight debates he has been like this; it gets old.  Additionally, he has become a one-issue candidate.  What immigration is to Tancredo, Iraq/Vietnam is to McCain.  One issue candidates don’t win.  The one positive, he didn’t say “let me give you some straight talk”.  I hate that.

With the exception of Huckabee, there is not much to say about any other candidate.  Rudy needed a big day to stem his plummeting numbers, but he didn’t.  Alan Keyes and Ron Paul were made for each other, how about a Paul/Keyes run on the Libertarian ticket; that would be hilarious.

Huckabee had the most pressure as the new Iowa front runner.  He folded like a cheap tent.  It wasn’t that he said anything wrong or detrimental, but he wasn’t himself.  I really think that he went into intent on not cracking jokes and limiting his witty statements; I think he wanted to come across as Presidential.  It didn’t work for him. 

What baffled me though, were the “so-called” experts on the MSM (Fox and CNN).  Many of them said that Huck won by default because none of the other candidates challenged him and he had no tough questions.  They argued that his style today won’t be a negative because most people weren’t watching.  I disagree.  While most of America wasn’t watching, Iowans were.  That is most important.  I really think this debate, coupled with the negative news of late will pull Huckabee back to the pack.  The one-night stand is over.

So in the unlikely event that I am right about Huck, what happens in Iowa.  Well I think two things will occur.  First, I think Mitt will get his mojo back and win the state.  Huck will finish a close second.  However, both Mitt and Huck need to check the rear-view mirror for Fred Thompson.  It looks like Iowa is Fred’s Alamo. He is putting all of his effort there and had a successful debate.  We saw how fast Huck caught fire, if Huck quickly flames out that support could quickly switch Fred and put him in the race. 

However, timing is a tough thing.  The Christmas holiday will likely hamper any major movement in the campaigns, leaving just one week to boom.  Additionally, what kind of ground game does Fred have in Iowa?  Not much of one.  Nevertheless, I think this new push will give him a solid 3rd place finish, with Rudy being a distant 4th.

All in all, things are starting to shape up nicely for Mitt.  He has received a bump nationally from “the Speech”, had a great debate, and pulled within 5 points of Huck in the latest Iowa poll.  A lot have said, and I agree, that if Mitt wins Iowa, he will then win New Hampshire in a landslide, and will then win the nomination.  It will be fun to watch, no matter what happens.



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8 responses to “Mitt and Fred Up; Impact on Iowa

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  2. Fred really showed why he should be the choice

  3. Christian

    I have to disagree with your evaluation of Huck’s performance. You wrote, “It wasn’t that he said anything wrong or detrimental, but he wasn’t himself.”

    His answer to the medical care/education question will be disastrous for him as conservative voters evaluate his socialist response (“No one should be deprived of the best medical care or education because of an inability to pay). As Rush said today, “He could have got that response from John Edwards.”

    You and other conservative bloggers should be all over his response, pointing out how much he sounds like a democrat.

    In the meantime, Mitt was on top of his game. “Presidential” is the right term to describe his responses.

  4. The format was absolutely awful and I’m glad my man Fred called them on it. Mitt did well, but Fred’s performance will be the most memorable. Now if he can keep doing that, we can get into the thick of it and- at the end of it all- maybe Fred and Mitt can team up.

    I still think my man is in much better position to go after the Dems on the one winning issue we have; illegal immigration (illegal being the key) and border security.

  5. Wrong.

    Mitt lost because he worships a belief that makes satan and jesus brothers. How can he effectively lead if he cannot distinguish purity from evil?

    Fred lost because he does not respect authority. The way he treated that moderator was pathetic. He should have been removed immediately for not answering the question in the allotted time. If he is elected, what other rules, statutes, constitutional mandates will he “work around” because it is not expedient to do so? He is a law-breaker, he smoked Cuban cigars in his video in direct violation of U.S. LAw

    HUckleberry ’08 (and ’12)

  6. Oh, A Huckster fan; what fun! Sorry, but I’d like to save our University resources for people who are in this country legally, keep dangerous rapists locked up, have our top executive show some restraint in the gifts he accepts, and have the White House drapes remain when the next president leaves the White House. And I don’t think you’ll get Fred to say a ‘higher power’ is responsible for his surge.

    And slamming another man’s religious beliefs makes you sound kind of ‘Un-Christian’. I’m not a Mormon, myself ; have Mormon roots in the family, so I know more than most. Some of their beliefs seem odd to me, but I find nearly all of them live fine, upstanding lives. And that’s the real measure of a religion. They certainly don’t tend to snark at others for their beliefs.

    Disrespecting the moderator was necessary education for that school marm; he must have been getting instruction from Tony Snow. The media do NOT establish law; learn the difference.

    This old Goldwater conservative enjoyed beating down the egomaniacs of the Moral Majority in the 80s; the new version of them will be even more fun.

  7. r2streu

    Johnny: Pah!
    She’s about as much an “authority” as I am a Muslim woman.

    Fred didn’t pander to media, shouldn’t have pandered to media, and your assertion that he should have treated her with any level of “respect” for her blatant stupidity is as frightening as it is outrageous.

  8. John Galt

    Fred did well, Mitt did great. Fred’s highlight was irrelevant to how good of a president he would be. yes he took on the moderator so it made him look good, but romney was on a higher level. he did well because he was specific and demonstrated he has a vision adn that he understands the problems our country faces.

    that said, i hope fred gets some life in his campaign to take some of hucks votes in iowa. huck is the main beneficiary of his fall and would be the main one to lose of his rise.

    i kind of like the idea of a fred romney ticket. vice prez fits fred personality better.

    and ‘johny peepers’ would be a great description of those that fall into the ‘idiot vote’ who cannot understand the difference between voting for a pastor and a president.

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