Will Hillary Lose Because She is Female?

Many supporters of Hillary Clinton attribute many of the troubles she faces to the fact that some people just won’t vote for a Woman.  They act like Hillaries biggest stumbling block is her gender.  So the question begs to be asked, “Will Hillary lose because she is a Woman?”.   In short, No! She will lose because she is Hillary.

We are at a historic time in our history as a nation.  We have a very diverse Presidential field; it is quite possible that we will have a “first” as our next President – First woman, first Black (or even more inclusive, first non-White), or first Mormon.  Many argue that the country is not ready for the first woman or black president.  They say we are still too bigoted and unaccepting.   While there are certainly some ignorant and bigoted people in our country (and in higher percentage in the South), I strongly disagree that America is not “ready”.   

While critics of America (especially internal critics) like to portray America as being racist and sexist while portraying Europe as inclusive and progressive, the reality is that America is far advanced in terms of race than any other country.  Racism is rampant in England, France, and Spain.   At Soccer games in Europe, bigoted fans throw bananas and mimic monkeys to denigrate Black players.  What sets America apart is our inclusiveness and our continued ability to be self-critical and, thus, self-correcting.  Europe never had their own Civil Rights Movement and race is a real problem.

The fact is, most Americans will vote according to whom they perceive to be the best person for the office; the definition of “the best” is relative to each voter however.  There is absolutely no grounding in the claim that an American will not be elected because they are female.   I, for one, would have voted for Condoleeza (a woman and Black!), but I won’t be voting for Hillary.  Why? Again, because she is Hillary.   And for Hillary it is not even about the Politics, on which I pretty well disagree with her, it is about her – her lack of integrity and insatiable desire for power.  She cannot be trusted.

I have a similar problem with Rudy Giuliani.  I won’t vote for him either, he has shown a propensity to be involved in scandal and seems to lack any sort of sound moral judgement;  I can’t trust him.  If we have a Rudy-Hillary race in 2008, I will be voting 3rd party or will simply withhold a vote for President.

On the other hand, I have a more positive disposition towards Barack.  With him, I completely disagree with his policies and politics, I even think he is more left-wing than Hillary.  But I also have the impression that he is a good man, had real convictions, and believes what he says.  In the event of a Rudy-Barack race, I would vote for Barack.  Additionally, I would seriously consider Barack over Huckabee (depending on how his subtle anti-Mormon views play-out) and Fred Thompson (who I think is incompetent and too lazy to be President).

For me my determination for who should be President is first dependent on character and integrity, followed closely by political ideology.  I strongly prefer GOP policy and will choose a person of mediocre character over a democrat of strong Character.  However, I will choose the Democrat over a GOPer that has no character and integrity or is simply unfit for the job.

Certainly, I will not make the determination on race or sex.  And I think that most of America feels the same way on that point.  There is just no evidence that Americans as a whole would fail to vote for Hillary because she is a Woman.  They will not vote for Hillary because she is Hillary.



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8 responses to “Will Hillary Lose Because She is Female?

  1. Good analysis, I concur. She is quick to play the victim card as evidenced by the Illegal Alien driver license waffling and her husband’s defense of her against the “boys”. I am not really sure she is female, I have not even seen her stubby little legs in years..

  2. Joel Cannon

    I share your sentiments exactly. And I respect the opinions you thoughtfully and intelligently share on this blog (I guess it doesn’t hurt that I agree with them too 😉

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  4. I would like to agree. But if you look at many of the reports about Hillary, including the latest ad by Romney, all allege that she doesn’t have the experience to be president and she is where she is today because of her political connections. What they are really suggesting is that Hillary is where she is today because of who she is sleeping with/has slept with, and that it will only take time before the bamboozled american public wakes up to smell the flowers.

    The fact is, as you point out, every president has got to where he has been in the last sixty years because of political connections. Do you think the same charge against Hillary would be thrown at the male candidates with the same veracity and viciousness as it is being thrown against Hillary because she is a woman? When was the last time you heard such attacks, with such frequency, against a male presidential candidate?

    I have faith in America, but I don’t have too much faith that America will not make its determination about Hillary, or Obama for that matter, because of sex or race. Can you imagine the red states voting for Hillary? Or Obama? I certainly can’t. And that’s what’s sad about America.

  5. CMartel2

    Hillary Clinton is a polarizing figure, namely because it’s so blatantly obvious that she desires power. It’s something she exudes. With many women, I think the populace would be afraid to make them Commander in Chief. Not so with Hillary. Honestly, I’d trust her more with that mantle than I would Mike Huckabee. Granted, that’s but one issue, but it’s perhaps the most significant issue a female candidate could face.

    On a side note, I’ve come to believe that Romney matches up very well against Hillary. For but one reason, she so desparately needs female support. When you look at the polls, it is women who by far and away support her. But Romney does better with women in polls, as well–and for obvious reasons.

    He’s articulate, handsome, successful, and a good family man. And he will steal votes away from Clinton just as Bill Clinton and JFK did in their day.

    The contrast in their backgrounds couldn’t be more stark. Romney, the guy who never knew a scandal as opposed to Hillary, the woman who seemed to excude them.

  6. I AGREE. The Mainstream media tends to frame the debate in manner which is easy to quantify for the uninformed. “Will Hillary Lose Because She is a Female?” Hillary Clinton’s candidacy has been propped up by the Democratic Party establishment . THE STORY of this election cycle is simply that the INVINCIBLE CANDIDACY OF HILLARY CLINTON & Juggernaut Campaign (Big Money, Democratic Money Machine– Chairman, Terry McAuliffe–Behind her) has not derailed JOHN EDWARDS or OBAMA. Despite Hillary having the most money, most endorsements from political insiders and establishment connections, she is NOT closing the deal with the American public which largely distrusts her, for good reason. For all of her money, connections, favorable media coverage and paid campaign consultants, the simple reality is that HILLARY CLINTON is the MITT ROMNEY of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY albeit without any Executive experience whatsoever. As stated by Hollywood Mogul David Geffen (a former Clinton supporter who was very close to the Clintons): “Everyone in politics lies, but they do it with such ease, it’s troubling.” The Clintons have created a ruberic of “trash for cash” and “Right Wing Conspiracy” to undermine any legitimate discussion or criticism leveled at either Bill or Hillary for their questionable past. TRUTH is a problem for the Clintons. There is NO RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY. Consider an alternate paradigm, what if all you have read about the Clinton is TRUE and the mainstream media covers it up because powerful people have the goods on these folks and know that the Clintons can be bought and sold? Remember the Clintons have amassed their financial fortune solely through politics. GOOGLE: Clinton Cocaine Mena Arkansas Bush. Ask Hillary about her role (harassments, threats, physical intimidation, slander, humiliation, payoffs to silence women) in dealing with the “Bimbo Eruptions” as First Lady of Arkansas and during her time in the Whitehouse and whether it illustrates the kind of leadership which makes her Presidential material and a role model to women. What kind of women”s movement does Hillary represent? Shutting up the powerless for the greater good of her political ambition? So yes in the end the problem is Hillary and that she not only hitched her wagon to Bill with all his flaws, but comprised any sense of integrity that she had along the way in order to remain politically viable. THE ESTABLISHMENT people on 5th Avenue, Park Avenue, Greenwich CT, Wall Street, Central Park South, Central Park West, the Hamptons, Wall Street and K Street that have climbed aboard the Clinton Campaign did so not because they “love Hillary” or thought she would make the best President but rather because they saw the train leaving the station and wanted to get behind a winner. IF HILLARY GOES DOWN all these moneyed folks will flush money into EDWARDS or OBAMA as well because in the end they will feel like they miscalculated. Hillary’s support is a mile wide and an inch deep. HILLARY DOES NOT HAVE THE LOVE OF THE GRASSROOTS ANYWHERE IN AMERICA. A vote for Hillary is largely one based upon doing what the establishment wants you to do and the perception of joining a winning team.

  7. Mark

    There is absolutely no one I would rather have then Condoleezza Rice as president who is both female and back. We, as a nation are ready for either a black or female president. However, I don’t think we are ready for an extremely liberal one from either camp. No matter who wins this election, we are going to have another bad president…the field is awful from both parties. There is such a huge black cloud over Hillary that is still vivid from the 90s. Hillary should be in jail not running for president. …all this plus the Hillary’s Health Care Task Force in ’93…I remember the legislation that failed…that spurred the revolution in the ’94 election. Hillary is just a miserable person, power hungry, unethical, and wrong for this country. Even though I disagree entirely with Obama, at least he is a decent human being…I hope he wins the Dem nomination.

  8. Mike Frazier

    Hillary won’t lose because she’s female.

    Obama will win because he’s Black.

    If Hillary were to become the nominee, the party would rally behind her, no matter what people are saying.

    Obama’s race is his firewall in at least two ways. First, there is a huge groundswell of Black voting for him simply because he is Black. Second, his race protects him from criticism, even when that criticism has nothing to do with race. Bill Clinton, whose own Black credentials would have been regarded unassailable a few months ago, found himself on the wrong side of this reality when he called Obama’s position on Iraq a “fairy tale” and Obama himself a “kid.” These criticisms, which had nothing to do with race, were re-interpreted by Blacks as racially-motivated. Bizarre but true. So, Hillary must fight Obama with one hand tied behind her back.

    Obama might win if the playing field were even, i.e. without the racial advantage. We’ll never know. I certainly hope Hillary wins, but I don’t expect it anymore. And yes, I’m sad. Obama isn’t selling hope. He’s a demagogue who’s selling himself, and people don’t seem to realize it.

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