Mitt’s Victory! & Some Thoughts on Mormonism

Leading into Mitt’s speech I was wrapped in great apprehension and worry.  Partially because I knew that it was potentially the end of Mitt’s campaign if he screwed it up, but I think that I was even more apprehensive because I am Mormon.  This speech, while having many positive results potentially, it really opens the Church up for even more criticism.  It has really bothered me the way many trash my religion and call us cult.   Many have criticized our deeper doctrines and called them heretical and weird, and they also consider anyone who can believe such truths to be of poor judgement and irrational.  The thing that they don’t understand is that for many of us Mormons, those doctrines are strange the first time we hear them, however over time they become wonderful and comforting truths.  Why?  Because such doctrines are the meat of the gospel, yet most don’t even understand the basics (the Milk).  How can one be expected to find rationality in something difficult if they don’t understand the simple and basic truths.  Remember, we learn line upon line and precept upon precept; here a little, there a little.  Nevertheless, I digress.

Back to Mitt, for me, it would have been a victory if he lived to campaign another day.  That is all I cared about.  Fortunately, the speech was much, much more than that.  It was an incredible speech; one that lifted this Presidential race to a higher level.   Mitt will get all that he could’ve hoped for and more out of it.

I will not re-hash all of the comments that various pundits from across the MSM and blogosphere said about it, suffice it to say, that both Chris Matthews and Pat Buchanan raved about it.  How about that?

So, while most Americans missed the speech, they likely did not miss the coverage.  Mitt became a household name and likely won a percentage or two of support.  It will be very interesting to see what effect this has on the polls next week.

Ultimately, this stopped the bleeding for Mitt; it removed the headline, “Mitt loses ground” to a more positive story about Mitt and him being “presidential”.   This speech should provide the defense needed to pull of a late charge in New Hampshire by John or Rudy and may be enough to pull out a victory in Iowa.  That is what this speech was meant for.  It will be fun to watch what happens.

I could not be more proud to be both an American and a Mitt supporter today… especially considering the controversies facing both Huckabee and Giuliani right now.


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