GOP Debate: Mitt, McCain Winners; Rudy Lost

 UPDATE: The General who asked the Gays in the Military question is indeed on Hillary’s staff.  CNN announced it and claimed that had it known they would have mentioned it or not used the question.  Here is the link to the announcement by the Clinton campaign.

The CNN/YouTube debate was among the most heated debates yet. The defining moment of the debate occurred at the beginning with a lively exchange between Mitt and Rudy. Rudy claimed that Mitt hired an illegal to work on his house and Mitt called him out and essentially said, “So you are saying that when an American hires a company to do it’s yard work and you happen to hear an individual with an hispanic accent, then you should go and make sure he is here legally?” It was a perfect response. It made Rudy look foolish and really baffled him and threw him off his game early.

Romney also had a solid answer to his change on Abortion. He came out and admitted that he had changed and would not apologize for it.

Mitt’s worst moment was regarding the Gay’s in the military; Mitt was basically caught in a flip-flop.

As for Rudy, he really stumbled a lot and never got back on track. That is really all there is to say about that.

McCain also had a strong night because half of the evening was on Iraq and foreign policy. He knows the issue and is an authority thereon. The thing that annoys me is that he always brings up his Vietnam POW experience and mentioned his trip to Iraq over Thanksgiving a few times. Enough already.

My rankings:

1. Mitt

2. John

3. Fred

4. Mike

5. Rudy

It will be interesting to see what effect this has on the race. After Mitt had a bad debate a few months ago, his poll number dipped, will the same be true for Rudy?

Final points:

1. I was really disappointed in the crowd at the debate, they were very disrespectful.

2. Anderson Cooper couldn’t get control of the debate early, it was funny to watch.

3. Rumor has it that the General that asked the Gay’s in the Military question is a member of the Clinton campaign. If true, this is potentially a big issue.



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5 responses to “GOP Debate: Mitt, McCain Winners; Rudy Lost

  1. Irish Right

    I agree with your analysis, Steve, with one exception. I don’t view Mitt’s answer on gays in the military as a flip-flop, although it will certainly be portrayed that way by others. I would characterize it more as a more reasoned response. I would have liked to have seen him finish the answer with a resounding yes, I look forward to the day but I will need to weigh the opinion of my generals when the time comes.

    Good job.

  2. Hey, as one of the few who doesn’t have cable TV, and who had to work tonight during the debate *sob* I was trying to catch the debate on YouTube so I could see for myself what happened. I could NOT find it on there. I found everything else, but not the debate in its entirety. (I found the questions/videos that were going to be posed to the candidates, but not any of the responses, or the debate as a cohesive whole.)

    Do you happen to have a link to the debate online? I would love to watch it for myself.

    Thanks for the recap in the meanwhile though. It’s good to know that Mitt did well, other than the planted question by Hillary’s campaign.


  3. Canticle_of_Deborah

    My take:

    Mitt – had a good night with good answers. Slightly tripped on a couple of questions designed to trap him, imo, but the intent to do just that was obvious.

    McCain – I thought he came across as angry. He overplays his war hero card.

    Fred – uninspiring. His attack ad on Mitt displayed his negative nature and the reason he plummets in the polls the more he campaigns.

    Rudy – his opening attack on Mitt backfired. As a Californian in a state inundated with illegals, the idea we should go around demanding papers from anyone Hispanic looking is ridiculous. That is exactly what Rudy was implying whether he realized it or not.

    Huckabee – had some good lines and funny jokes. No one should count him out yet.

  4. Dr J

    When the general was given the floor, his microphone suddenly shut down and we were never able to get the rest of his comments. I saw that as divine intervention.

  5. bethtopaz

    I thought Mitt was great and showed real passion. I loved the way he handled the Confederate Flag question. He was visibly disgusted with the very stupid question that had no place in a presidential debate.

    The Bible question was also unbelievably stupid and out of place.

    Anderson Cooper pushed Mitt on this one after his initial answer – as if to catch him up.

    So much for liberals and their passion for separation of church and state.

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