2008 GOP Race: Open Thread Poll Results

Many thanks to all who commented on their preferences for President and VEEP on the GOP side of the house.  As predicted and unsurprisingly, Mitt Romney received over 80% of the vote.  Of course, that stands to reason as the most likely readers of this blog are Mitt supporters.  Nevertheless, both Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter received votes as well.

As for the VEEP selections there were a lot of different and interesting recommendations, even one vote for Tom Brady; people sure like him in Boston.  In the thread, 23 different names were proposed as VEEP candidates, most of them on a ticket with Mitt Romney.  The top 5 are:

1. Jim DeMint (South Carolina):  DeMint has been among the staunchest supporters of Mitt since his candidacy began.  He is also a popular Senator in SC.  Putting DeMint on the ticket would likely help Mitt win the south and overcome some of the Mormon fears.

2. Duncan Hunter (California):  People love his stances on national security and believe that he would likely fill any concern that voters have over a perceived lack of foreign policy experience for Romney.  He also comes across as a ‘tell it how it is’ kind of person, appealing but dangerous in an election.

3. Sarah Palin (Alaska): Palin is a ridiculously popular governor in Alaska. She has spearheaded efforts to rid Alaska of corruption from both parties. Additionally, the fact that she is female would be a great benefit in a run against Hillary.   If Mitt really wants to come across as the candidate for change and honesty, Sarah may be the best bet.  However, she is largely unknown and is from a state that is very Red, would she be any help in the South or in swing states?

T4- Charlie Crist (Florida) – A popular governor in a swing southern state.  Apparently has some issues though according to one commenter.

T4-Haley Barbour (Mississippi) – Another popular southern governor, would be a huge help in the South.

T4-Colin Powell- Wishful thinking on the part of many of us.  He is hugely popular, viewed as honest and forthright, and Black.  All things that could greatly help a GOP candidate this election.  

Thanks again for all of your comments and suggestions!



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7 responses to “2008 GOP Race: Open Thread Poll Results

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  4. Mr. Conservative

    How about fomer congressman J.C. Watts? He’d be a good pick… ( I have to say that Sarah Palin looks like a really good option and sends a strong message of reform )

  5. BSmith

    What are people’s concerns with Condi Rice? She seems to be a better pick to me than most of these on the list.

  6. A former Bush administration official as VP? I like the idea of former South Carolina Governor, David Beasley.

  7. unpadsnug

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