OPEN THREAD: What is your ideal ticket for 2008?

This is your chance to share what your ideal GOP and/or Democratic ticket would be.  In a couple of days I will post the which candidates and veeps received the most votes.  Comment away!



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67 responses to “OPEN THREAD: What is your ideal ticket for 2008?

  1. Swint

    Prez: Mitt Romney
    Veep: Charlie Crist

  2. Ric

    President — Mitt Romney
    VP — Haley Barbour

  3. J.M. Skousen

    President: Mitt Romney
    Vice President: Alan Keyes

  4. Giuliani-Palin

    Also, Swint, Governor Crist has some “issues” that will prevent him from being on a national ticket. But I agree he would be a good choice if that were not the case.

  5. Lisarc

    Pres. Romney
    VP Barbour

  6. Lisarc

    Virginia’s Lt Gov is Bill Bolling, is Steel a former Lt. Gov?

  7. President: Former TX congressman Dick Army

    VP: Virginia Lt. Gov. Michael Steel

  8. Hunter-Steele (I know, heresy on this place, but you asked for it)

  9. Swint

    Steele is the former Lt. Governor of Maryland. He is incredible. But I don’t know if he has had enough experience. I think he will run for Gov of MD in the next election against O’Malley

  10. Swint


    Sarah Palin would be great too, I really like that idea.

  11. Prez: Mitt
    V-Prez: Either Huckabee or DeMint from South Carolina.

    He needs someone the Christian right will be able to embrace.


  12. Methrow


  13. bethtopaz

    Romney, President
    DeMint, VP

  14. Bliss

    1. Romney/Palin in a landslide.

    We’ll get some of the girls who are voting for Hillary, just because she’s a woman (whether we want them or not), and a lot of the men who will never vote for a woman like Hillary Clinton.

    2. Romney/Pence

    3. Romney/DeMint

  15. President: Mitt Romney
    Vice President: Newt Gingrich.

    The pragmatic choices. Mitt has the guts and brains to handle the administration and all of the responsibilities thereto, and Newt has the inimitable political experience that would help to strengthen the foundation of the Presidency, as well as being fearless in speaking the absolute truth about any situation or subject that could affect our national security, among other things.

  16. John Galt

    President: Mitt Romney

    Vice-President: I really have no idea? I would like a romney rudy ticket. those two would really give it to hillary and get a lot of people excited, but i doubt that will happen.

    people always talk of needing to balance out the ticket. I don’t know if I agree with that.

    I also would like to see some diversity on the ticket. Honestly though, I have no idea who romney picks? It is hard with him because the others running are too old to be vp. rudy or huck. well i think huck would be a disaster to any kind of conservative movement. I don’t want him. rudy is the only one of the candidates left.

    so who else? no idea.

  17. I have always thought that Romney needs Huckabee on the ticket. I am open to the DeMint idea though.

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  19. Rusty Allen Gulzow


    I would have said Romney/Huckabee; but he is probably the most likely to be behind the push polling.

  20. Steve

    Romney and Newt

  21. dan

    I think the best VP should be one of the present candidates, at least for one good reason – they have been scrutinized already. An unknown is risky and to use an old adage, changing a horse in midstream can prove detrimental to Romney’s campaign. So I would go with Giuliani, also for the purpose of reaching across to the moderates and liberals. Giuliani is a good debater too. Huckabee should be good too.

  22. Marybeth

    A few choices:

    1. Romney/Haley Barbour – Barbour is a can-do guy
    2. Romney/DeMint – although they’d hate to lose him in SC, and I’d hate to lose him in the Senate
    3. Romney/Crist – some of us Floridians would LOVE to lose HIM, then we can have Jeff Kottkamp (our Lieutenant Gov). Crist won big in FL last Nov & he’d probably pull in some of the whack jobs in Palm Beach/Broward/Miami-Dade Counties, so FL would become a fairly safe bet for the GOP in ’08

  23. BamaRepub

    Mitt Romney – Prez
    Jeb Bush – VP

    Dream Ticket

  24. MJ

    In da woids of Bob Sworski:

    1. Mitt &
    2. Dah Mint

  25. Wolfagain

    Mitt Romney President
    Duncan Hunter VP

    Hunter Strong on national defense and secure borders!

  26. BG

    President: Romney
    V.P. – Gen. David Petraeus

    President: Romney
    V.P. – CA Congressman Duncan Hunter

  27. Leslie


    I used to think Huckabee, until I found out how liberal he really is, and how he is determined to drag his religion into this race. Also, Thompson got the Right to Life Endorsement, and he’s a southerner, which is a good balance to Romney’s northern roots.

  28. Frozone

    Let’s consider a Republican Governor or Senator from a purple state that’s proven themselves popular with both sides:

    1. Romney/Pawlenty (he single handedly bucked the prevailing winds this last election)
    2. Romney/Crist (see Marybeth’s response)
    3. Romney/Schwarzenegger (nice, but constitutionally impossible. Drat!)

    So strike that last vote in lieu of a surreal out of the box moment:

    3. Romney/Lieberman (eh?)

    Before you laugh that off consider this: that’s why I like Romney. He surrounds himself with smart people of all political stripes, even ones that don’t always agree with him, and actually listens to them. You get better solutions that way and we will all get much better government with him in charge no matter who he picks as a running mate.

    With that thought, let’s vote on his cabinet next. Now there’s something to get excited about.

  29. Bob

    I guess the Paulites haven’t discovered this thread yet. LOL

  30. Frozone


    I didn’t leave out Romney/Bush (Jeb, that is). I like that pairing, and I really like Jeb (lived in FL for 4 years), I’m just concerned that the country has Bush fatigue.

  31. AeroFANatic

    President Mitt Romney
    Vice President Mike Huckabee

    Secretary of State Newt Gingrich
    Secretary of Defense Duncan Hunter

  32. John Galt

    I like the sounds of a Romney Powell a lot. Interesting Mike. Will never happen but that would be a good ticket.

  33. kerry

    Mitt Romney and Duncan Hunter

    those two guys are the real patriots.

  34. ComMitt to Mitt

    President Mitt Romney
    Vice President Condaleesa Rice

  35. Joe

    Romney / Sarah Palin

    I don’t think Romney will need Palin to get many of the women voters, I just think Palin would add to Romney’s message about cleaning up washington corruption and meaning something when you say you’ll bring change to washington.

  36. Brian

    Mitt Romney/Tom Brady

  37. Marybeth

    One other thought for VP – Marcia Blackburn, Congresscritter from Tennessee. A true conservative and charismatic GOP leader in the House of Rep.

  38. Schmegma

    Ron Paul / Notch Ance

  39. RC

    President: Mitt Romney
    Vice President: DeMint

    It believe it would be advantageous for Romney to annouce his running mate before January 3. If it is going to be DeMint, that would skyrocket Romney’s ratings. And, would get MORE of the Southern vote, along with the Evangelical vote.

  40. lynn

    Mitt Romney for President. J.C. Watts for Vice President.

  41. tim

    Mitt Romney-Pres.

    Duncan Hunter-V.P.

  42. Canticle_of_Deborah

    DeMint, Palin, or any strong southerner is good. Jeb Bush is probably the most qualified in the family but the country has Bush fatigue and his presence would be a negative.

    Not Huckabee, Rudy or Fred! Hunter belongs in the Cabinet.

  43. President: Ron Paul
    Vice: Mitt Romney

  44. President: Mitt (duh!)
    Veep: Jim DeMint or Matt Blunt (young Gov of MO . . . military experience, dad is congressman, swing state)

  45. President: Mitt Romney
    Veep : Duncan Hunter
    (second choice, J.C. Watts)

  46. #1:

    President Mitt Romney
    Vice President Jim DeMint


    President Mitt Romney
    Vice President Colin Powell

    Remember: Very few combinations have ever won The White House without at least one (prez or veep) person from the South on the ticket. “Ain’t gonna happen without ’em”

    I realize Colin Powell is not from the South (originally) but his character, leadership, reputation, stature, etc. would have enormous appeal. His wife would never let it happen tho.

  47. Ian Grazulis

    President: Duncan Hunter
    VP: Michael Steele

  48. Richter

    VP–DeMint No question

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  50. Gary S.

    Pres: Mitt Romney

    V.P.: Duncan Hunter

    That’s how I would vote if the election were today.

  51. President- Mitt
    VP- Condoleeza Rice

    Not only has she been great in the white house, but she would help sway the female and black votes that would seemingly plague the dems.

  52. Noel Fahey

    VP: Michael Steel, Brownback, or Huckabee

    -Michael Steel would be a great contrast to Obama…
    -Brownback is a trusted conservative who would pair well with McCain…
    -Huckabee would help McCain with Southern voters

  53. With the race having unfolded the way it has, I would probably desire something like this…

    POTUS- Mike Huckabee

    VP- Michael Steel or Sam Brownback.

    McCain just needs to enjoy his solidarity as a RINO in the senate.

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