Paging Fred Thompson…Paging Fred Thompson

Hey Fred, you may want to actually campaign if you want to be the President, it is not a birthright.  Where have you been? While you’ve been sleeping or watching The Office or doing whatever you are doing, you’re campaign has fallen apart.  Have you seen the polls lately?

Seriously Folks, have any of you seen a less interested major Presidential candidate?  Even Sam Brownback wandering around aimlessly asking Mitt bloggers if we knew where he should be at the Defending the American Dream Summit showed more energy and desire.  It is really quite astounding. I cannot for the life of me understand how he is still polling so high nationally…well, yes I can, Americans aren’t even paying attention, they just know that Fred is that actor guy.

How bad has it become?  Let’s look at how he is doing, starting with his “firewall” state first:

South Carolina:  While Romney, Giuliani, and McCain are in a dead heat, Thompson is running 4th, seven points back of Mitt.  His SC numbers have dropped from a high of 26 in September to 13 today.  Really this is all I need to write, to confirm that he is done, but let’s continue to look at the other key states of Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada for fun.

Iowa: Romney holds a strong lead here with an RCP average of 28%, followed by Huckabee, Giuliani and then Fred at 11%.  The only bright spot is that he leads McCain, which will likely be gone in two weeks as John continues his climb back into legitimacy.

New Hampshire: Here too Mitt has a gigantic lead, Fred is in….wait for it…SIXTH!  Yes, you read that right, he is in 6th, trailing Mitt, John, Rudy, Ron (yes, Ron in fourth), and Huck.  His percentage of the vote: 4.

Nevada: Ahh, the best race for Nevada, he is actually polling 3rd, though a distant third.   Rudy leads with 29% and Mitt is in a close second, Thompson brings up the middle of the pack with a solid 14% and falling.

Fred Thompson has turned himself into a joke. He may have been a decent President, but he never wanted it.  He was only doing because Southerners wanted a candidate and Jeri proded him.   Fortunately, voters are starting to realize this and are starting to fall in behind a candidate who at least is interested.  It would have been a sad day for democracy had a candidate with as little desire as Fred won the GOP nomination.


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One response to “Paging Fred Thompson…Paging Fred Thompson

  1. LO

    Yes, If Fred Thompson by a miracle wins the Republican primary nomination, he’d probably hold off campaigning in the general just to see if the American people wanted him to run. He doesn’t have the energy, the desire, the vision, nor the belief in himself to win.

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