More Corruption Tied to the Giuliani Camp

The Bernard Kerik saga has been a major thorn in the side of the Giuliani campaign over the past six months.  The man that Rudy advocated and pushed hard to be the Chief of Homeland Security (DHS), turned out to be extremely corrupt and now is the target of a suit by author and former lover Judith Regan.  Initially, the only acts of impropriety between Kerik and Regan was an extra-marital affiar.  Inappropriate, yes; illegal, no — and certainly not enough to damage the Giuliani campaign.

What is devastating to the Rudy camp are the actions taken by NewsCorp during the whole Kerick – DHS proceedings.  According to the Ms. Regan, she was fired from News Corp after, among other things, a senior executive there encouraged her to lie to federal investigators about her past affair with Kerik after he had been nominated to become homeland security secretary in late 2004.  Why was she encouraged to lie?  Because New Corp didn’t want it to hurt the Presidential aspirations of Rudy Giuliani.  The company, according to the lawsuit, has ” long sought to promote Mr. Giuliani’s ambitions.

The filed complaints by Regan adds:

A senior executive in the News Corporation organization told Regan that he believed she had information about Kerik that, if disclosed, would harm Giuliani’s presidential campaign. This executive advised Regan to lie to, and to withhold information from, investigators concerning Kerik.


This smear campaign was necessary to advance News Corp.’s political agenda, which has long centered on protecting Rudy Giuliani’s presidential ambitions…Thus, because of the damaging information that defendants believed Regan possessed, defendants knew they would be protecting Giuliani if they could pre-emptively discredit her.

The defense that the Giuliani camp will implement will likely claim that Rudy cannot control the actions of others and that he had nothing to do with News Corp whatsoever.  This is a legitimate defense and provides some sufficient cover.  It would have been (or could be) a different story if one of the News Corp individuals involved was/is employed by the Giuliani campaign. 

However, this shows a complete lack of judgement on the part of Giuliani with whom he associates himself.  This whole Kerik debacle would not even be an issue if Giuliani would not have pushed so hard for him to be head of DHS.  But the fact that Rudy did ties him extremely close with all things Kerik, positive and negative. 

Additionally, it shows that Rudy has had his eye on the Presidency for a long time.  It is highly unlikely that Rudy or his advisors did not have any influence on News Corp.  News Corp did not just wake up one morning and decide that they wanted Rudy to be President and, hence, would protect and promote him.  No, undoubtedly Rudy made his intentions known and likely had/has a close relationship with News Corp execs.  It is highly unlikely that Rudy was unaware of this Regan saga.  

If, indeed, Rudy did know what was going on, or even had a suspicion, and did not stop it, his campaign is over.   This activity on the part of News Corp is so corrupt, so inappropriate that  for an individual wanting to lead the free world to be a closely connected to it as Rudy is extremely troubling and it should send up huge red flags to the voters.  How could someone vote for a person who continually surrounds himself with bad and corrupt people?  Also, it is only November 2007 and Rudy already has this much dirt coming out about him, what can we expect in January or in October when the elections are really heating up?  And what kind of people would he have running our various agencies? 

I have long said that I won’t vote for Giuliani, even in the general against Hillary, because something in my gut tells me that he is not a good person.  I have always felt somewhat guilty for that considering I don’t know the man at all, but day by day my gut feelings are being confirmed.  Rudy Giuliani is a man of poor judgement and moral corruption.  There are plenty of great candidatea for President;  Romney, McCain, and Huckabee would all be just as effective a President as Giuliani, so why support him?   Let’s rid ourselves of corruption where possible and stand behind a person of integrity and morals;  the GOP has already had enough corruption scandals.

Side Note: It also is fitting that News Corp owns Fox News.  Fox News has been the biggest cheerleader for Giuliani.  I remember watching the last GOP debate and Fox was shameless in their love and admiration for Rudy.  All of it is just one big circle of backroom dealing and special interest.     



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6 responses to “More Corruption Tied to the Giuliani Camp

  1. While I would vote for Giuliani in the general election as a last resort, this is certainly troubling news coming from his camp.

    Romney ’08!

  2. Delete this: 2nd sentence, first paragraph: “Homland.”

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  4. I just wish I could get happy with ANY candidate! ~sigh~ (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  5. Hi Giuliani is an asshole he is corrupted.

  6. LUCILLE: It’s All About Judgment

    Who should be our next President? What do you say we pick someone who at least has some values other than blind loyalty or “gut feelings” that they consider when they decide whom to trust. Remember when George Bush looked into Putin’s eyes and got a “sense of his soul”? Did Putin’s “soul” give Bush any indication that he’d be crushing every vestige of democracy in Russia that he could?

    And, who can forget when Bush called Musharraf “a man of courage and vision” and “a courageous leader and friend of the United States”? Better (worse?) yet, Ari Fleisher once said that “Bush liked the fact that he [Mushaffaf] does what he wants to do.” Yes, he sure does. We’re certainly learning that now. Even a personal call from President Bush won’t budge him on his quest to break the back of any opposition.

    Perhaps that’s also why Bush liked Rumsfeld, Gonzales and Harriet Miers, his other wonderful choices. And, now we have Rudy Giuliani trying to become our next President. Gold help us.

    Like Bush, Rudy Giuliani likes to personalize his relationships, placing the highest premium on friendship and loyalty. Does anyone other than Rudy still think Bernard Kerik was a wonderful choice for head of Homeland Security? What does that say about Rudy’s ability to choose the right people to trust?

    Think about it: here’s the guy who took an apartment meant for for 9/11 rescue workers and used it instead as a love nest for his adulterous affair. Not only does this guy have bad judgment, he also apparently has no ethics or morals. Kerik rose from chauffeur to Police Chief in record time, had Rudy strongly suggest him as head of Homeland Security (where he apparently lied to the FBI), wrote a book where he talked about his ideas on training police in the Muslim world (which he was tasked with doing in Iraq – and failed), plead guilty to a couple of misdemeanors, and was indicted on 16 other counts. Oh, and in the meantime became Rudy’s partner in a security firm that made tons of money after 9/11.

    Sounds like a version of Bush redux with Rudy at the helm. So, that’s what you want?
    unless you’re afraid of the truth. . .

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