Mitt Needs Your Help

Good morning folks, I have a few friends in Virginia who are working hard to make sure that Mitt Romney gets on the ballot for the Virginia primary.  In Virginia, unlike most states, candidates are placed on the ballot by petition.  I believe 10,000 signatures are needed, including a set amount from each county.   As all of us are (or should be) ardent supporters of democracy, it behooves us to ensure that all serious candidates for office are on the ballot.   I ask you and implore you to help make sure that Mitt Romney is on the ballot so that the people of Virginia have a choice in who is their next President.    So if you are a resident of Virginia, a Mitt supporter or not, a Republican or Democrat, please contact the following email to sign the petition.   It should be pointed out that signing the petition is not an endorsement of a candidate.  



Steve Swint, Editor-in-Chief;


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