Dr. Don Wilton of the So. Baptist Convention Endorses Mitt Romney

This morning the evangelical support continues to roll in for GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  Dr. Wilton is the former President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Boston, MAToday, Dr. Don Wilton, the immediate-past President of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, announced his support for Governor Mitt Romney and his campaign for the presidency.  Dr. Wilton’s endorsement is another indication of Governor Romney’s growing support among faith and values leaders in South Carolina and across the nation.

“I am proud to stand alongside Governor Romney as he pursues our nation’s highest office.  His values are my values – protecting the sanctity of human life, defending marriage and strengthening the family.  We need someone in Washington who will stand up for traditional families and Governor Romney is that person,” said Dr. Wilton.  “While we may not agree on theology, Governor Romney and I agree that this election is about our country heading in the right direction.  Governor Romney is the best candidate to stand for conservative values in Washington.”

With today’s announcement, Governor Romney said, “As conservatives, Dr. Wilton and I believe that our nation is stronger when we build stronger families.  I look forward to working with him in South Carolina to ensure that Washington stands for families, life and marriage.”

Background On Dr. Don Wilton:

Dr. Don Wilton Is Senior Pastor At The First Baptist Church Of Spartanburg, South Carolina, And The Immediate Past President Of The South Carolina Baptist Convention.  Dr. Wilton was the 2006 South Carolina Baptist Convention President.  He has served in churches in South Africa, Mississippi and Louisiana.  He began his pastorate at the First Baptist Church in Spartanburg in 1993.  His church currently has 6,900 members.  A former faculty member at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, he currently teaches at the Billy Graham School of Evangelism and the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove.  Additionally, Dr. Wilton serves as President of the Encouraging Word Broadcast Ministry, which televises nationwide.

In addition to having authored numerous articles, he has written and published five books, including his most recent The Absolute Certainty of Life After Death.  Dr. Wilton and his wife Karyn have three children. 

It will be interesting to see what impact these evangelical endorsements have on the Romney campaign.  Some may be turned off by them, however I think far more will be turned on to Mitt.  Look for Romney to have a significant bump in the South.  Also, pay attention to New Hampshire voters. They are far less positively affected by the evangelical movement, does this have a negative effect there?



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7 responses to “Dr. Don Wilton of the So. Baptist Convention Endorses Mitt Romney

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  2. This will have significant implications in the South and among evangelicals. The fact that he is getting these endorsements instead of Mike Huckabee certainly shows that Mitt’s values appeal to a broader base and that he is more capable of winning the nomination. I highly doubt there will be a negative impact in New Hampshire because of this. Endorsements from evangelicals tend to only affect evangelicals, I don’t think anyone else really cares one way or the other.

  3. Mule

    As a Christian (Baptist), I would argue that this will have hardly any implication at all in the South or amongst Evangelicals. I say this with some confidence as most of the folks within my circle have no feeling for Romney, beyond distrust in his changing values (or the political perception of them, at least.)
    Quite a lot of folks that happen to be Baptist are displeased with the folks that call themselves ‘leaders’ in that they are seemingly considering trading expediency for character; and Huckabee is gaining ground quickly, despite what the media and so-called ‘leaders’ might say. We’re not really a faith that puts much stock in ‘leaders’, in the way that the LDS church and the Catholic church do. We seek to follow and glorify Jesus Christ; He is our leader. If our preachers deviate from sound doctrine, they’ll often find themselves standing all alone. I think you’ll see this very thing happening soon.

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  5. Wasn’t this the endorsement that was withdrawn? Was it taken as an endorsement by Romney’s staff in error?

    I’m from Spartanburg. I don’t live there anymore. I live a few hours away, but I’m pretty sure that it was withdrawn.

  6. Swint

    Yes, sort of. It was an non-withdrawn withdrawal. Basically, he said he didn’t intend it to be used Nationally. He never said he wasn’t supporting Mitt, just that he basically wanted it hushed up.

  7. Buddy

    Don was one of my favorite TV pastors until his sermons became republican slanted. I AM DISAPPOINTED. In my view you can’t be both politician and minister. Politics in the church is mostly what prevents me from attending. I have strong views about Christianty and politics but you can’t have two masters. Politics does not belong in church nor church in politics.

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