Colbert 4 President

The big political news of the day is a bomb shell of immense proportions. Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report is running for President! Well, in South Carolina at least. As South Carolina’s “favorite son,” Stephen has a natural edge and he, “Def(ies) any other candidate to pander more to the people of South Carolina…those beautiful, beautiful people.”

If I weren’t already firmly behind a candidate, Colbert might be my number 1…at least in South Carolina. Here is principled leader who is not afraid to pander and admit it. He is strong and certain, yet will choose to be Democrat or Republican when it is politically expedient. We need more of that in our Government! So I now announce that I am throwing my support behind Stephen Colbert for President of South Carolina and Veep of our great country (Sorry Huckabee).

For those who missed here are the links to Colbert’s announcement that he is considering announcing his intention to announce a bid for the Presidency, followed by his announcment.

(p.s. Note the diggs at Thompson. Hillarious and quite accurate I may add.)

Daily Show “Presidential Considerer”

Colbert Report, “Presidential Announcerer”


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