What’s the deal with John McCain’s love affair with Giuliani?

Did anyone else notice in Tuesday’s debate how John McCain paused, glanced at Giuliani and gave him this big compliment while answering a question from the moderators? It was completely unnecessary and is something that will not help his candidacy at all. Not because it was bad, but he gave unnecessary credit to a competitor. That’s like McDonald’s, while talking about how great the Big Mac is, pausing and complementing Burger King for the Whopper being so juicy and delicious.

McCain and Giuliani have a history of this behavior so far in the campaign. Why is McCain doing it? I have two theory’s. The first is that because John and Rudy are friends and are similar in ideology, that McCain is planning to drop out and endorse Rudy. McCain knows that he cannot drop out right now, he has too much debt, but he can in January and have some of the money refunded.

This is what I think Giuliani and McCain are planning: They are going to first see how things go in the first half of January. Worst case scenario for them is for Mitt to win the first 4 states (IA, NH, WY, NV) with Mitt using that momentum heading into Michigan and South Carolina which I believe are on the same day. So a few days before this (if the finance timing is right) McCain will hold a big press conference announce that he is dropping out of the race and is fully supporting Giuliani, and will encourage his supporters to do so also. This in hopes of being a catalyst for Rudy and propel him to necessary wins in MI and SC.

If things are a bit brighter for Giuliani and he was able to pull out a victory in NH, Michigan might look more hopeful and Rudy and John can be more strategic and hold off on John’s announcement until the optimal time to provide the greatest impact for Super-Duper Tuesday. Either way, John won’t be in the race come the first Tuesday in February. — You heard it hear first my friends.

Coupled with this, is the second reason John is doing this. He HATES Mitt Romney. I am not sure why, as I recall, Mitt helped him in his campaign and vice versa. It is likely because he thinks Mitt is fake, Mitt is buying the election, and he also probably thinks, “how dare a nobody like Mitt Romney, enter this race and elbow me out. This is supposed to my election by divine right.” Either way, there is ZERO doubt that McCain and Giuliani are in cahoots together and are scared to death of Romney.



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2 responses to “What’s the deal with John McCain’s love affair with Giuliani?

  1. Rose

    “Either way, there is ZERO doubt that McCain and Giuliani are in cahoots together and are scared to death of Romney.”

    I think you’re exactly right. I noticed they seemed to like each other and dislike Romney during the first few debates. I thought it was because they were part of some kind of Republican good ‘ol boys club, powerful politicians who watch each others back and value their power very highly.

    Romney feels like an outsider to them, someone who is willing to step on toes and prove them wrong if he thinks it’s necessary to do so for principle’s sake. It’s the issues that matter most to Romney, not protecting anybody’s personal power. Romney’s fearless; he called what the mighty New York City mayor said “baloney” in the last debate. I think it’s because he realizes Giuliani really gets more respect than he’s earned, and he’s not scared of Giuliani at all, despite his “tough” reputation.

    I think Romney’s a stronger personality than either Giuliani or McCain, because he’s more principled. Romney’s certainly treated his family better than Giulani has, and that’s surely added to his personal strength and mental stability.

  2. Ian

    And I think that Rudy can read the writting on the wall. His big states strategy may not be panning out to be what he hoped it would be.

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