“Front Runner” Giuliani Running Fourth in Iowa; Mitt Leads Big

A new Des Moines Register poll released this weekend has Romney once again increasing his lead in Iowa and Giuliani plummeting. This is good news for the Romney campaign, recently Mitt has been slowly pulled back into the pack in New Hampshire and, to a lesser extent, in Iowa. The folks in Massachusetts surely gave a sigh of relief after seeing this.

On the other hand, Giuliani received terrible news. He is now behind Mitt, Fred, and Mike Huckabee. Granted Rudy is not really trying to hard in Iowa, but a fourth place finish could be his death nail. Let’s say that Iowa holds its caucus on January 3rd and New Hampshire holds theirs around the 6th or 7th. Polls released on January 1 indicates that Giuliani and Romney are running neck and neck in New Hampshire. Then on the third Iowa votes and Romney wins by 10 and Giuliani finishes a distant 4th. Not only will Mitt’s win give him momentum going into NH, but Rudy finishing so terrible would certainly cause a lot of Giuliani leaners to defect to Mitt. A second place by Rudy in Iowa wouldn’t do much damage, but a fourth would. Rudy might want to somewhat reconsider his Iowa strategy.

Mike Huckabee also received good news. His poll numbers are improving in Iowa. I predict Mitt and Mike finish 1-2 in Iowa come January.

Poll results: Romney 29%, Thompson 18%, Huckabee 12%, Giuliani 11%


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