Defending the American Dream Summit: A Tribute to Reagan

Tonight the Defending the American Drean Summit concluded it’s events.  The highlight of the night’s events was Mitt Romney’s speech.  Frankly, he killed!  He had the audience eating out of his hands.  He was witty, he was clear, he was specific, and he said everything right.  He continually criticized the democrats for their fiscal policies.

I spent some time talking to people following the speech and they were all in awe.   I asked them if they were Romney folks before the speech, most said no, but now they either were firmly in his camp or are re-considering him.  His focus was on fiscal policy. Some semi-quotes:

Now, leaders in Europe are looking at America for guidance on fiscal policy, while American democrats are looking to socialist Europe for their fiscal policy.

To Hillary the term ‘private sector’ is a recruit in the Army.

Clinton will change the country, she will take us from prosperity to poverty.

He also told a touching story of when he was Governer and a casket was on a conveyer belt coming off of a plane from Iraq.  As it came out he touched his hand to his heart and looked at the terminal windows and saw the people there looking out the window with their hands on their hearts.  As he shared the story his eyes became red and moistened.  He was genuinely touched, it was a great moment.

Mitt had a fantastic night. It was a real coup for him to be the keynote speaker at this event.  Good for Mitt.



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2 responses to “Defending the American Dream Summit: A Tribute to Reagan

  1. Emily

    Yeah! He’s been having a good week according to the polls and intrade even though many pundits have been saying, wishing!, otherwise. He really needed this.
    I heard one other blogger say the same thing.

  2. I have to agree, Mitt rocked the house.

    I was pretty well decided until I heard him speak.

    I’m conflicted now.

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