Hillary’s an Idiot

Last Friday while speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus, Hillary said that if she became President she would mandate that all babies born in America would be given $5,000 to start an education savings account.  She gave no explanation as to how this would be implemented, how this would be paid for, or how to ensure the money actual went to the child’s education.  She’s an idiot or must think that we are all stupid (probably the latter).

While these questions certainly need to be answered, they are not the crux of the problem.  The problem is greater than one specific idea or program like this, but what this is indicative of is Hillary’s natural pull towards greater government involvement in our lives.  In this campaign cycle and even in much of her voting in the Senate over the last 8 years, Hillary has been trying to come across as a moderate.  Many people have bought it, while many are still doubtful as they remember her years in the Whitehouse.  This education plan confirms the skepticism that many have had.  Hillary has not changed at all.  She still has her socialistic ideals as strong as ever.  This would not bother me as much if she was just up front about it.  People are free to believe what they will.  However, we (and her especially) well know that socialists don’t win elections in America.  So she continues to attempt to look moderate, when in all actuality she is far from it.  This is a wise strategy on her part to try to win, especially because she is so divisive.  However, she revealed her hand too much on Friday night and exposed herself.  Sadly, most people won’t even notice and the media will act like it never happened or will applaude her for her forward thinking and generous ideas. 


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One response to “Hillary’s an Idiot

  1. It’s the cynical strategy the Clintons always employ; bought and paid for by the taxpayer. That is, who pays the $5,000.00? Republicans do. Who gets the subsequent Democratic votes, Hillary does. Push to repeat cycle. Truth is, nobody games the system like the Clintons: http://theseedsof9-11.com

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