Congratulations to Barry Bonds and the SF Giants on Barry’s 756th record breaking home run of Mike Bacsik of the Washington Nationals. I am a huge Giants fan, so naturally I was rooting for Bonds to break the record despite all of the controversy around him. Living on the East Coast, it is difficult to stay up to see Giants games when they are on TV. Fortunately, each of the last two nights the games were televised due to them playing the Nationals, which allowed me to see my beloved Giants on MASN. Staying up till all hours of the morning paid off last night when Barry hit the 3-2 pitch into the stands in center field at AT&T park. So congrats again to Barry Bonds.

Before many of you trash me for being ok with Barry breaking the record, allow me to state that I am well aware that I am a homer. If Barry never played for the Giants and was on another team I would probably be disappointed and/or angry that he broke the record. But he doesn’t play for another team, he plays for the Giants. Thus, I root for him, because that is what fans do – fans aren’t supposed to be rational, that takes the fun out of sports.



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2 responses to “756

  1. Congrats to Mr. Bonds but the Giants?! C’mon Steve. How ’bout them Cards?! That’s what I’m talkin about!!!

  2. Swint

    They’re as bad as the Giants. At least there was a reason to watch the Giants this year.

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