Is Ron Paul just Michael Moore in GOP clothing?

“Why not Ron Paul?”  That is a question that is asked all over the web by his army of supporters.  They argue that he is the only candidate that follows the constitution and is the most honest candidate in the race.  Well, the answer to “why not Ron Paul?”  is simple: He is a scrawny, less loud-mouthed, and GOP version of Michael Moore.   On the Alex Jones radio show Paul said that America is in “great danger” of our government staging a terrorist attack to essentially provide a public diversion from Iraq.   

This completely removes any legitimacy he may have had as a GOP candidate for President.  I recognize that President Bush is not perfect and things are not well in Iraq, but there is no way the President would ever allow something like that to happen, and for a GOP candidate and congressman to enter the realm of conspiracy theorists with the likes of Moore and Cindy Sheehan makes Paul even more irrelevant than he was before.

In the interview he also added that there is “an orchestrated effort to blame the Iranians for everything that has gone wrong in Iraq.”   The first mistake Paul made here is using the word “everything,” I will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he only used that word because of circumstances, in the same way that many of us use it in debate forums while not actually meaning everything, but most.  If he does believe our government blames everything bad in Iraq on Iran, he simply is ignorant and unfit to lead.  The Government has said nothing more than that the Iranians are continuing to support many of the insurgents and to have an active presence in Iraqi politics.  Now, if there is one thing that I consider myself an expert on, it is Iran.   Iran has had the intention since 1979 to spread the Islamic Revolution across the world and now recognizes an exceptional opportunity to expand their influence and revolution in Iraq (and Afghanistan).  There is zero objective argument that can be made that Iran is NOT having a huge negative impact on Iraqi security and stability.   It seems to me that Ron Paul, because of his personal vitriol for Bush, has allowed emotion and irrationality to cloud his mind and as a result, will simply give Iran a pass because the Bush administration accused them of such actions. Here is betting that if the claims about Iran were first made by, say, a Jim Webb or even a Pelosi and then Bush denied it, Paul would be attacking Bush for NOT confronting the real threat, Iran.   This is what happens when people fail to look at a situation as it is and are so wrapped up in frustration and anger at Bush that they begin to believe that such a leader can do nothing right, is in an inherent liar, and thus, everthing he says is wrong no matter how right he may be.  This is where Moore, Sheehan, and Pelosi have been for at least the last 4 years and it is now where Ron Paul has gone also.

(Note: I have been planning to write a general column on Ron Paul and why I don’t support him for a while now, I will try to have that out in the next week, depending on other circumstances in the news.  Mary, I expect you to read it!)



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19 responses to “Is Ron Paul just Michael Moore in GOP clothing?

  1. NH

    OH please, stop attributing things to Ron he hasn’t said.
    Michael Chertoff himself just said ON TV that he smells another attack coming, even though he has no knowledge of one.

    Another person laughingly said, the Republicans need another terrorist attack.

    So with statements like that coming directly from the White House, what you expect the subject of conversation to be?

    Smarten up and vote for someone who isn’t controlled by the CFR.

  2. John Howard

    Our author writes:

    “…there is no way the President would ever allow something like that to happen.”

    We can confidently assume that he can prove this but just didn’t find the time to do so.

    Bush has recently made war on 2 different countries, murdering many thousands of innocents, has suspended habeas corpus, imprisoned hundreds without trials or lawyers,
    but our author knows Bush wouldn’t hurt us.

    And anyone who even agrees to the possibility is just too far out. So there.

    (Parody alert) It seems to me that our author, because of his personal vitriol for Paul, has allowed emotion and irrationality to cloud his mind and as a result, will simply give Bush a pass because Paul has criticised his actions.

    This entire article is a lovely example of the power of psychobabble to lure a writer into the comfy illusion that he can read the minds of others and tell us all about what they think and what they would and would not do.

    Psychobabbling about Paul, Bush and the “intentions” of Iran is easy, but unprovable hot air.

    I hope our author will explain what he doesn’t like about liberty and property and peace.

  3. Jennie Wills

    Somebody actually read this disinformation spread by a nobody who happens to know how to write? I just skipped to the comments section, to remind people not to bother. Get the facts by NOT reading blogs or trusting the mainstream news. Go to for the truth.

  4. Scott

    Ron Paul is not Michael Moore.

  5. LloydM

    Wow! Owner of Dry Fly Politics, you have been conditioned and brainwashed! Bush is not the bad guy…he is simply the spokesperson for those at the top of the “control” pyramid who also control the Democrats. If you think anything will ever change without the demolition of the Federal Reserve, as a start, you are mistaken.

    The ONLY guy making a clear statement that this is one of the main things on his Presidential agenda…is Ron Paul.

    He is the ONLY candidate, from either party, who would effect ANY change that would have any major impact.

  6. shrugged

    oh, You are Mormon. Now I get it.

  7. musicgirl

    Do you guys think that maybe we should look at which one of the candidates actually displays consistent integrity? As far as I am concerned a popular song, recently released by Eric Proffitt entitled “Raise the Bar” word it perfectly “…this is not about religion, Black or Caucasian, or whether you’re a man or a woman, this is all about the nation”
    you can listen to the new song at
    When it comes to voting, it’s easy to see for me who the “…man of integrity..” is!

  8. The comments here are pretty amusing. John Howard 1, Blogger 0. PWNT.

  9. Swint

    Exactly as predicted. Write negative about Ron Paul and they come out of the woodwork! Works everytime!

    By the way, I generally like most of Paul’s stances, he is a constitutionalist. The two things I happen to disagree on is his stance on the War and his isolationism. Those are big things. But many of his other domestic stances are right on and he at least has the guts to say what he thinks.

    –the author

  10. rationalzen

    John Howard,

    If you’re going to use causality in an argument, at least use it properly. Bush made war, therefore murdering innocents is your claim.

    Why stop at Bush? You come in as a blow hard attempting to denigrate the author’s words while not even really refuting what he said, at least not without a made up, baseless argument.

    Clinton didn’t apprehend Bin Laden, therefore Clinton murdered thousands. Using causality without limit (or logic) for that matter, we can say whatever we want. As long as it’s our “psychobabble” it’s ok, I guess.

    You could have come out and said, “Your stance on Ron Paul is incorrect because …….”. I wonder why you didn’t?
    (parody alert) Perhaps it’s because of you personal vitriol towards Bush that allows you to rescind logic and reason when reading other people’s “psychobabble”.

    I hope John Howard will reply with content, not just with hot air and misuse of the word psycho-babble.

    My $.02

  11. nate

    I appreciated your well reasoned argument. Keep up the great replies. You have contributed much to this discussion!


  12. free dom

    ron paul 2008

  13. dl

    according to a BBC report, bush’s grandaddy and friends were planning on overthrowing fdr’s presidency and installing a nazi style government, what makes you think that grandson isn’t following in grandaddy’s footsteps. look at the executive orders he has been handing out. interesting concept, if true, you think?

  14. Ken

    shrugged – just exactly what do you “get” with the Mormon comment?

    The unreasoned and vitriolic responses of RP supporters have ceased to be amusing. Now they’re just sad.

  15. Graham

    Wow. What a horrible thing to say. Michael Moore is a socialist democrat who makes documentaries and Ron Paul is a traditional conservative running for president. They have so much in common! I’m only 15 and I couldn’t even make that connection!

  16. Rob

    “there is no way the President would ever allow something like that to happen”

    Are you sure, you imbecile? Stop spinning. Use rational logic and probability. Presidents do bad things. You don’t know shit. I’m not saying he did, I’m saying you don’t know shit.

    Ron Paul is the most honest and straightforward politician I have ever seen. I’m a Canadian, and i wish I could donate to his campaign.

  17. Swint

    Watch your language. Your obvious lack of vocabulary demonstrates your lack of ability for rational thought and your reliability on emotion. As for Paul, he may be honest and straightforward, but he is still wrong, and would lead the country to complete disaster.

  18. what

    not if he does manage to disband the federal reserve and fractional banking. if not then yes, certain powerful people will have the power to make it look like RP failed the nation.

  19. jess packer

    this is idiotic.

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