Why Romney is the man for the job.


In a world of partisan political divide I find myself without an identity. In fact I’d have a hard time finding a political candidate that I can say I agree with 100%, there are some that come close, but certainly no clear cut guy I would call “my guy”. To plot my political mindset on a number line it would fall somewhere in the trifecta of Capitalist, Libertarian and Conservative. I support science and rational thought, therefore I’m part libertarian. I believe that competitive markets create economy and innovation, therefore I’m part Libertarian. I believe that the greater good of the people is almost never served by choosing what “feels” good, therefore I’m part conservative. Ergo, neither Donkeys nor Elephants can please me on their own power. In the distant coming election, I’m going to have to choose and barring some faux pa of major consequence I’ll probably be siding with a good portion of the country, the guy with the best hair.

I think that Romney has two major strengths that push him over the top: 1) Very little political experience. 2) He’s a great businessman and forward thinker. Two qualities that I think are the “intangibles” that a person leading the most powerful country in the Western World should have. Looking at the rest of the candidates, only Obama has as little experience and there isn’t a better businessman amongst the group. Bloomberg could throw a wrench in that one, although I’m not sure which I would qualify as better, they are both wealthy enough to be called successful for sure.

This business prowess was able to show through in his leading of one of the most psuedo-forward thinking, backwards moving states in the union, Massachusetts. The health care plan Romney framed for the citizens of MA is genius. Sorry liberal college students, no more going without health care, it’s time to become responsible adults. Sorry businesses, no more skimping on your employees and not providing adequate health care to your workers, and if you don’t you’ll be punished financially (the only true motivator for business). Sorry big three health care providers, there is now a focal point where citizens of MA can go to get the most bang for their insurance buck, pre-tax dollars, you no longer can simply cater to the people that line your pockets you must now provide what’s best for MA consumers or they will find better.

Congratulations hospitals, this type of health care plan will begin to reduce the high cost emergency room abuse that has been on going for years. Congratulations lower middle class working two jobs, you can now have each employer pay your health care and only worry about maintaining the one plan. Congratulations employers of the lower middle class, those employees of yours that carry more than one job will be offsetting your health care cost with the other employer. Congratulations migratory employees, you’ll be able to carry your insurance provider from job to job with you eliminating the hassle which will help you stop resisting change when it’s needed for upward mobility. Congratulations those at or below the poverty line, rather than having expensive ER visits, you’ll be receiving the funds for your own health care for potentially free.

I’ll never support socialized medicine because governmental control stifles innovation. I love Romney’s plan, and frankly can’t see why anyone would really oppose it, because it breeds competition in the market place. It creates an environment of accountability and punishes the right people when necessary while rewarding those in need. There will for sure be some hiccups along the way, and some changes will be made to the plan but overall this is a universal health care plan that could become scalable nationwide.

That kind of innovation is why Romney is the man for the job.

~Rational Zen



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2 responses to “Why Romney is the man for the job.

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  2. I agree with you. Part of why I like Romney is that he’s primarily a businessman, and one that knows how to get results! I know in my home state of Alabama, a businessman by the name of Bob Riley has been extremely successful despite a Democratic state legislature. I, like Romney also believe that competition is key to answering the concerns of healthcare. He’s the right man for the job.

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