Young Voters Support Obama, Hillary; no way, really?

So young voters aged 18-30 overwhelmingly support Obama and Hillary for President. Wow, this is breaking news..oh wait, no it’s not. How is this news! I’ve seen this on CBS, CNN, Fox News, Drudge, NRO, etc, etc. They all seem surprised. Since when is it a surprise that young people lean left? The writers seem surprised that they support universal health care, increased minimum wage, government subsidies, etc, etc. So, in addition to announcing who young voters support, they add this:

By contrast, young voters aren’t feeling the love for Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson, who were each favored by less than five percent of youths. CBS News reports that, in fact, GOP primary voters were more enthusiastic about Obama (8 percent) than Thompson or even Sen. John McCain.

Again, how is this news? I could have written that exact article without ever polling anyone. Somebody, sometime once said something like, “If you are 20 and not liberal you have no heart, if you are 40 and not conservative you have no brain.”



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5 responses to “Young Voters Support Obama, Hillary; no way, really?

  1. That last statement is so true. I have repeated it on numerous occasions. Sometimes, I think it is also rebellion towards the establishment. Young people want to separate themselves from the older crowd.

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  3. Blake

    I thought the same thing. THIS is news? Have none of these people been around between the 60s and today?

  4. pugs

    Lucky for us, those young people supporting Hillary don’t actually vote.

  5. deyquan

    i think that kids vote for what friends that are into that stuff vote for. the kids vote for fun not like for real.

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