Stupid People and Immigration

I have been trying to avoid the issue of writing about the current illegal immigration legislation that is all the rage today. It is one of those issues that, as I observe both sides, seems to have nothing but irrationality throughout, especially on my side of the aisle. I consider myself pretty conservative. Ask anyone who knows me and they would probably say that I am among the most conservative people they know. But on this issue I think I oppose most other conservatives. I do not support blanket amnesty and am completely against illegal immigration, like most Republicans, but it seems that Republicans’ emotions about this issue has become so heated that they have lost all sense of rationality and reality.

I just read that a Senate plan to send immigrants home to apply for a visa was defeated. Good! Anyone who thinks that it is remotely feasible or realistic to essentially extradite 12 million illegal aliens to their home country has completely lost their mind. I understand that this is ideal, but we Republicans and conservatives are supposed to be realistic and smart, stupid idealism is supposed to be reserved for the left. Sending 12 million people who are, at least a good percentage of them, working in America would severely damage our economy, it would stretch our already inefficient bureaucracy to never-before-seen gridlock, cost millions to billions of dollars, and you have to deal with their children who were born in America and thus are citizens. Please start thinking rationally and realistically.

So, the question then becomes what do we do? Really it is quite simple. First, like most issues, there are plenty of laws already on the books; start enforcing them. This avoids more useless legislation and saves taxpayer money. Second, secure the borders. Stem the tide of illegal immigrants coming into this country by 75% (we will never be able to completely stop all illegal immigration, but we can make it extremely difficult). Once the borders are secure and the tide has stemmed, it is at that point that we take up the issue of what to do with those that are already here. Frankly, make them pay some fine and pay back taxes and then give them legal residency; dare I say Amnesty.

Why is this a logical plan? Because it works for all involved. The problem with the last immigration legislation that was passed under President Reagan was that people stayed for free and we didn’t secure the borders, so others thought – ‘hey, they went illegally and got of scot free, so can I’. That is our fault for being stupid. Once the borders are secure we can forgive and forget those that are currently here, and then any new illegals that are caught are immediately fined and deported. Enforcement, enforcement, enforcement.

Is this less than ideal, of course. But it is the only plan that makes sense.



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4 responses to “Stupid People and Immigration

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  2. Lewis

    Another reason I’m “irrational” about illegal immigration:

  3. Phyllis R

    Really enjoy reading your comments and thoughts on Mormons and Christians, having been raised Christian ie Episcopalian and later to Catholicism and am a LDS convert of over 37 yrs. Lost my family ie parents and aunts and uncles and cousins because of my conversion but that was 37 yrs ago. Now one other cousin has converted to LDS and we both stay in touch with other cousins so we can stay together as a family.

    On immigration. I assume you do not live in Los Angeles – I have no problems with hispanics wanting to live a better life than the one they must have left – my only problem is that now they openly burn our flag, hang it upside down below the Mexican flag etc. This is sad to me to see such disrepect daily in our news and to see it in their behavior. I wonder sometimes if they will become so bold as to make the anglos pay for protection like is the custom in Mexico. I hope not as I plan to stay in the same town I was born in.

  4. Swint

    Phyllis, thanks for your comments. The faith that converts demonstrate is incredible and admirable.

    As for Immigration, I fully recognize and understand what goes on in places such as LA and Phoenix (I am originally from SF area and Utah).
    I do not argue that there is a huge anti-American movement within the hispanic community, but that does not mean we should deport all illegals immediately.
    The basis for my argument is not even that we shouldn’t, I would love to see the laws enforced and all illegals sent home, but my argument is that we can’t.
    At least not without huge national costs and logistical struggles. It is not feasible or rational to do so.

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