Much Ado About Nothing

The whole controversy surrounding one of Romney’s aides allegedly pulling over a reporter is ridiculous. It says a lot about a candidate when the best the media and his rivals have to hit him on is a non-story. Sure, if there are skeletons in the closet they may be held there until closer to the election, but I doubt there is much or else McCain would have released the hounds already. I honestly cannot believe how much coverage this is getting in the blogosphere. I understand that it is just politics but get real and find a real story. I am going to go all conspiratorial on you and suggest that the only reason the story is being kept alive is because of pressure from the McCain camp. They are on their death bed and they know it.

In other Mitt news, pretty good stuff in the polls this weekend for him. He has continued to pull away in Iowa with an 8 point lead over Fred Thompson:

Romney 25%, Thompson 17%, Giuliani 15%, Huckabee 7%, Brownback 6%, McCain 6%.

HaHaHaHaHa, McCain is running tied for 5th with a one issue candidate.

In Nevada he has a slim lead:

UPDATE: Another Nevada Poll has this:  Thompson 25%, Romney 20%, Giuliani 17%, McCain 8%.    The story is McCain’s demise, he’s finished.

Romney 23%, Giuliani 21%, Thompson & McCain 16%.

This is a much closer race, in fact one poll that I came across this weekend has Thompson ahead. I am betting that Nevada will we be close all the way to the finish line. This is one state where McCain can salvage his candidacy. He should spend a lot more time here. Ultimately, if only because of the Mormon factor, I think Romney will win Nevada (there are a LOT of Mormons in Nevada).


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